Mulligan’s and laser tag

Last night I went on a date with somebody I met on the internet.  I cannot believe I just typed that sentence.  It was the first time I’d ever done such a thing.  Keeping safety on the forefront of my agenda– I asked him to meet my dad [because who would rape and/or kill a young lady after shaking hands with her father?!] and I kept my coworkers in the loop– so I wouldn’t be the subject of a Lifetime movie.  With proper ‘security measures’ in place it was time to date.

The duo collectively known as Brewmaster

The duo collectively known as Brewmaster

C and I met at the Mulligan’s by my house to have a drink.  He works in the IT department for FedEx.  I should have brought my laptop for a crash course on the disaster that is Windows 8.  Oh and speaking of computers, he’s a Cocktails With Hemingway reader!  Lucky for him he gets a rave review.  Among other things we bonded over our mutual appreciation for Neil Patrick Harris and laser tag.  So we took it one step further and decided to go to Laser Quest!   We even have the score printout to prove we dominated with our lasers.  Well okay, he dominated.  I just followed him and and took sniper shots whenever possible from my elevated perch.

I loved the fact that he was spontaneous and fun.  Life’s too short– I don’t do boring.  C definitely struck me as the type who works hard and plays hard, something I find very appealing.  Both of us had a good time and agreed a second date was in the works.  At first I was reluctant to schedule another outing so soon but I decided to throw caution to the wind.  If I enjoyed myself, why not?  He knows I’m not wanting anything serious or exclusive right now [and won’t consider it until 10/12/13] so we’ll see what happens.

Let’s talk about my clothes.  My favorite neighbor could barely suppress her shock and disbelief as to my attire.  “You wore a tee shirt?!” she said incredulously.  So what if C looks like he just waltzed off the cover of GQ? The black Volcom shirt I’m wearing is one of my favorites…and it was quite comfortable paired with shorts and Chacos.  Thanks for lending me your footwear, Sarah.  Comfort reigns supreme in my fashion world.  I’m perpetually under dressed in my down time.  Teetering around in heels or worrying about sitting properly in a skirt detract from my quality of life.  Playing dress up is reserved for work and special occasions.  Don’t judge me.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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