Some photos

If all goes according to plan I should have my very own laptop within a few weeks.  Cocktails With Hemingway fans, rejoice!  When I’m not sharing a computer with somebody who teaches multiple online courses– it’s considerably easier to blog.  I’ll upload a few pictures of recent life since that takes no time at all.

Who doesn't love being photo bombed by a nose picking Tater?

Who doesn’t love being photo bombed by a nose picking Tater?  😉

Somehow I missed the memo about the glory that is Pump It Up.  Most commonly associated with children’s birthday parties, Pump It Up also advertises their services for corporations.  As in grown ups.  Gainfully employed grown ups.  You know that part of the job interview where they ask if you have any questions?  From this point forward I’ll politely inquire as to whether or not the corporate retreats are held at Pump It Up.  If they say no I’ll let myself out, thank you very much.

The Two Sloanes

The Two Sloanes

Can you believe how grown up my goddaughter is?!  Too bad she’ll never experience Fun Plex.  That’s what we had before Pump It Up, right Megan?!

Gator boots!

Gator boots!

I think allowing your children the freedom to express themselves with clothes is crucial.  Adam is encouraged to dress himself.  Lately he’s been on a kick with his green boots.  Pajama pants and neon galoshes– that’s totally something I would wear.  Which is probably why I think this outfit is so awesome.

Isn't her bikini precious?

Isn’t her bikini precious?

Walking on a Slip ‘N’ Slide presents a cautious– yet happy– Tatum with new challenges.  Ultimately she conquered them.  The way her belly pokes out when she walks is too adorable.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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1 Response to Some photos

  1. Josh M. says:

    3 of the greatest nieghbors ever. Sloane, Mr Adam, and Miss Tatum. A very sweet and loving family with Sloane being the Greatest mother ever.

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