Sister study sessions and supernovas

Last night I had every intention of inundating your news feeds, emails, and subscription updates with at least half a dozen entries on Cocktails With Hemingway.  It will probably be Friday before I get the chance to do so– but at least I have a good excuse.  My beautiful, brilliant little sister met me at an undisclosed location for a midnight study session on the eve of her last final for Brit Lit.  All I did was brew a pot of coffee and proofread her already fantastic paper, yet I’m always grateful for the opportunity to engage in some academia.  Ashley is officially a junior at the University of Memphis now– I am so incredibly proud of her– and the dedication, responsibility, and hard work she consistently delivers never ceases to amaze me.

[[ SIDENOTE:  Yesterday I told a certain person in my life that I’d be blogging about them.  The only entry published involved Miss Cleo-ish predictions– and that definitely was not the material to which I was referring.  Embarrassing myself around this feller takes a little more than that but I just wanted to clarify in the event that he is reading. ]]

You know these are two of the most intelligent English majors the University of Memphis has ever seen

You know these are two of the most intelligent English majors the University of Memphis has ever seen

In other news yesterday, Liam Gallagher had an unfortunate incident with a blue M&M.  When I heard of this candy coated mishap– truth be told– I wondered if his afflictions stemmed from a literal piece of candy or some variation of MDMA.  The brothers Gallagher should be invincible.  My Oasis obsession:  going strong for two decades now!

Lovely Liam, front and center

Lovely Liam, front and center

Here’s a whimsical Oasis song guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  What exactly is a champagne supernova, anyways?  I have a healthy appreciation for bubbly– and I’m a relatively literate space nerd– but I’ve yet to figure out the meaning behind this one.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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