• March Blog Challenge •
Day 17: Why and when did you start blogging?

I started blogging on LiveJournal when I was in high school. Since then I have used Xanga, Blogspot, and now Word Press. Three of my four previous blogs are still in existence. Yes, they are private. No, I’m not sharing the links here. Trust me, you aren’t missing much.

Hanging out with my friends before the Cooper Young Festival junior year…I’m in the black top with camo pants and my pumpkin purse.
[Memphis • 2002]

Reading entries I wrote ten or more years ago…wow. I fixated on inconsequential matters and acted like the moody, melodramatic teenager I was, complete with bad attitude and boy craziness. I hated everyone and they hated me. I ‘rebelled’ by acting tough [let’s not mention the perfect grades, volunteering, and fear of any sort of from the girl who never drank, missed curfew, and made it through high school with one detention] and identifying with the counterculture. I was so misunderstood.. In a word: hilarious.

Because ever high school badass participates in Model UN.
[Nashville, TN • November 2011]

Though I don’t exactly remember why I created my first blog, I’m sure the reasons were nothing profound. Other than expressing my own torment [in the most dramatic ways] my early entries lack purpose or direction. Most likely I wanted something to show my online ‘friends.’ Because, you know, I had to resort to befriending strangers in cyberspace since I was too hardcore and misunderstood to acknowledge people in the real world.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


About Cocktails With Hemingway

I'm blunt and opinionated. Virtually everything I say or do is a contradiction but I'm not a hypocrite. I never hesitate to speak my mind and never fail to leave an impression wherever I go. You love me, you hate me, but you'll never forget me.
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1 Response to MBC17

  1. Sarah Scoggin says:

    I remember, you were great at Model UN and everyone actually loved you in High School and looked up to you. You just didn’t know it! They still do.

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