• March Blog Challenge •
Day 3: What Makes You Happy?

Generally speaking the things that make me happy can be categorized into seven themes: children, good people, helping others, travel, humor, the little things, and songs.

☻ Children ☻
Adam and Tatum bring me the greatest joy I’ve ever known– motherhood. The rewards are infinite. My son and daughter complete me.
Yet even before I was a parent I’ve always loved kids. Whether it’s teaching the K-2nd grade students at Neshoba, tutoring, babysitting, or anything in between, I do what I can to be around children as often as possible. Few things are more gratifying than watching a young person learn and develop as they blossom before you. Their innocence, enthusiasm, wide-eyed curiosity, straightforward logic, frequent questions, and ‘saying the darnedest things’ moments are endearing.

Always look for an excuse to unleash your inner child.


☻ Good People ☻

Examples of the tragic consequences of bullying make headlines with alarming frequency. Social media exacerbates the epidemic, contributing to bad behavior from all age levels. People can be so cruel. So it’s always refreshing to see stories of folks behaving nicely. Like the homeless man who returned a woman’s wedding ring– and her subsequent fundraising to reward him for his kindness. Or the kids who stood on the sidelines cheered on their physically handicapped classmate as he finished a race. The airline employees who helped a passenger get to his dying mother’s bedside. Anyone and everyone who does something out of the kindness of their heart…doing something because it’s the right thing to do without expecting anything in return. Those who stand up for others and speak out against injustice.
Instances such as these occur on a daily basis. Wouldn’t it be nice if the media covered more of those to counteract the negativity that saturates our news? Let’s inspire and encourage.

☻ Helping Others ☻

If not for my desire to help others as much and as frequently as I am able then my ability to weather the storm would be severely compromised. Simply put, helping you helps me, and the mutual benefit makes me happy. I’m thrilled to make another person feel good about themselves or make their lives easier. Even the smallest actions, such as smiling at a stranger on the street, can have a big impact on their day.

☻ Travel ☻

I don’t care where I’m going, how I get there, who I’m with, or what we’re doing. If the opportunity to travel arises…my bags are packed and I’m out the door. Some of the best trips don’t involve any packing or even any bags. I live for those spur of the moment, impromptu road trips. Even though I have a passport and have traveled extensively– driving across the bridge into West Memphis to eat at Waffle House and cruise through an unfamiliar neighborhood makes for a ‘foreign’ experience. A wrong turn could easily be a source of frustration– or one hell of a story! Roll with the punches and make the most of it. And take lots of pictures.
[[Obviously traveling with the wee ones requires coordination and advanced planning, but it’s still possible to incorporate an element of adventure and a carefree spirit.]]

The British Virgin Islands for Jen & Todd’s 2005 wedding is one none of us will ever forget.


☻ Little Things ☻
It truly doesn’t take much to make me happy.
Taking baths. Meeting somebody with whom you really ‘click.’ Finding imperative items for a fraction of the price at a thrift store. Meaningful conversations. Seeing the ocean. A delicious meal. Exciting games in Words With Friends. Stumbling upon unique rocks. Talking to Maris. ❤

☻ Humor ☻
Life is funny. Nothing is ever so bad that you can't laugh. Virtually every situation contains humor. Laugh freely and laugh often. It's okay to be politically incorrect.

Cheer up, emo dude, top center.


☻ Songs ☻
I could be listening to the eulogy mid-funeral, hear one of these, and be in a great mood. Not that I anticipate that scenario ever happening or anything. 😉
DISCLAIMER: Some of these ditties contain lyrics that are obscene at best and downright vulgar at worst. You have been sufficiently warned that these are NSFW or little ears, so listen at your own risk. The video/song below is squeaky clean.

“Scotty Doesn’t Know” – Lustra
“Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta” – Geto Boys
“Peggy Sue” – Buddy Holly
“3.14” – Bloodhound Gang
“Holiday” – Weezer
“Scene For Dummies” – Hollywood Undead
“Mr. Right” – Mickey Avalon
“Black Jesus” – Everlast
“Goin Steady” – Rocko
“No Hands” – Waka Flocka Flame ft. Wale & Roscoe Dash
“Go DJ” – Lil Wayne
“Still Fly” – Big Tymers
“Whatever You Like” – TI
“Army” – Ben Folds Five
“Volcano” – Presidents of the United States of America

High school memories. Hey Alg!

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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I'm blunt and opinionated. Virtually everything I say or do is a contradiction but I'm not a hypocrite. I never hesitate to speak my mind and never fail to leave an impression wherever I go. You love me, you hate me, but you'll never forget me.
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