Survival of the fittest

12/21/12 came and went without a hitch.  I survived the apocalypse.  So did everyone else.  Dare I say it was an ordinary day? Actually, I rescind that remark.  It was quite atypical in the sense that my day was exceptionally fun.  While I routinely count my blessings– and any day I spend with my children is joyous– I cannot even remember the last time I attended multiple social functions in one day and enjoyed them all.  How nice it was to enjoy a temporary reprieve and pretend I led a relatively normal life.

Maris and I went to a local salon and took pictures for the newspaper while Tatum napped.  All that effort made us hungry so we drove through Wendy’s.  Then we returned to the office and I had to suppress the urge to answer the ringing phone.  Old habits die hard.

We also took pictures of ourselves.

Thank you, Instagram

Speaking of Tatum, she turned 10 months old on the 21st.  I cannot believe how much she’s grown….even in the 10 days I’ve been here.  My baby girl’s getting so big.  Can you believe that’s the look on her face after cutting four teeth within 24 hours?

Look at that sweet smile.

Look at that sweet smile.

Maris and I went to Target after work.  She threatened to harm me if I didn’t buy two pairs of pants [less than $12 on clearance] and a magazine.  I obliged.  Then we stopped by her house to get dressed for the evening and I saw my godkids for the first time in over a year!

I cherish this photo.

I cherish this photo.

Next we went to Chili’s for Mommy’s Night Out.  Most of the moms in Theresa’s– the patron nanny saint of Tay Tay– group converged in Collierville.  I can’t even begin to articulate what it’s like to be around fellow mothers who have seen me in action with both kids and know the type of parent I am and the values I wish to instill in my children.

We should have gotten the waitress to take this so Nicole could have been in the shot.

We should have gotten the waitress to take this so Nicole could have been in the shot.

We [Maris and me] decided to have a slumber party at Theresa’s.  Everyone giggled when I wore the pajamas of our host’s preteen daughter.  She is not large.  I am just very small, though a good bit taller, so it was an interesting look.  The five of us– our trio plus Theresa’s girls– watched Abduction and I cuddled up with an adorable dog.  Despite being what I typically dismiss as a ‘yip yip’ dog, Daisy made me smile.  Maris has an app to remove red eye on her iPhone.  Apparently she neglected my right eyeball so I have one fireball and a strange, black dot.  Oh, and disheveled hair.  Awesome.

Excuse the defects and focus on the Daisy.

Excuse the defects and focus on the Daisy.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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