***What follows are posts I composed during my time offline.***

Not even 24 hours after my arrival in California, I found myself in Twin Cities ER.  Renee and I were en route to the beach when I felt an itch on my arm.  Dismissing it the healing tattoo in the same general vicinity I didn’t give it a second though until the itching became unbearable.  Fast forward five minutes and a red, scaly rash covered my entire body.  The physician on duty quickly determined it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic for my UTI, armed me with prednisone, and sent me on my merry way.

That would have been far too easy.

Friends for life

I fell down a few steps as I was preparing to leave Chrissy’s yesterday.  Carrying a basket overflowing with laundry + pants dragging on the ground + an already clumsy Sloane = disaster.  Thankfully I didn’t tumble down an entire flight of stairs though it was enough to take a nasty spill.  I hit my head on a hard linoleum floor—thank God Chrissy saw it and ran to my aid—because I was groggy and disoriented.  Nurse Chrissy kept me talking, iced my head, and gave me ibuprofen.  Although I was in immense pain I felt as though my speech was becoming more coherent so I decided that [instead of driving home as I originally planned] I’d stay another night there versus seeking medical attention.

One look at my ribs sent all three of us to the hospital.  Not only were they in excruciating pain but they were…protruding.  My head was also getting lumpy and turning purple.  Not surprisingly I had a concussion.  Multiple X-rays were taken of my ribs and—miraculously—they were not broken or fractured.  However, based on the areas that were given me the most trouble, the doctor informed me that I also sprained ligaments in addition to my bruised ribs.  He discharged me with a breathing machine [because of the immense pain I’ll want to take shallow breaths which leads to unhappy lungs], pain relief, and instructions not to move.  Those instructions will certainly be violated Saturday because the only reason I’d miss Adam’s birthday party is for my own funeral.

Xander and Auntie Sloane

Perhaps I’m so overwhelmed with stress that I’m assuming the worst– but I’m not convinced by my diagnosis.  Externally, something appears to be very wrong with the top portion of my left ribs.  I don’t dispute that the doctor can read an X-ray [we hope] but I’m terrified that something internally isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

So here I sit, confined to my bed yet again.  What I envisioned when I returned to California was a week to get my ducks in a row and then get back to work.  I’ll refrain from mentioning specifics [as I have yet to share with my superiors these recent developments] but I pray for a speedy recovery so I can be in the office as soon as possible.  Because I have lost a major source of income a second job is imminent and I need strength and health in that endeavor as well.

UPDATE:  As of 3/24/12, my left lung has partially collapsed.  Pain is the only obstacle standing between the breathing machine and me.  My doctor increased the strength and frequency of my pain management and I’m inhaling like crazy….please pray that my lung doesn’t collapse entirely.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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