Happy 1 week, Tatum!

The birthday festivities started early for Tatum….with her first visit to the pediatrician yesterday.

All bundled up for her first meeting with Dr. K

Weighing in

Warming Tatum in my sweater ❤

Mommy, Adam, and Tatum all have/had the same pediatrician. We ADORE him. =)

Everything went wonderfully with Dr. K.  Tatum’s very healthy and doing everything as she should.  He listened to her heart extensively– and much to our relief he heard no evidence of the heart murmur the hospital pediatrician heard.  This does not mean that it’s gone entirely– as these things can wax and wane– but the fact that he could not hear it reinforced that it wasn’t serious.  Multiple pediatricians at the hospital assured me this heart murmur was not dangerous and would most likely self-correct in a few months if not sooner.  Just to err on the side of caution we’re coming in next week.

Today has been largely uneventful for a ‘birthday’ celebration….Tatum’s slept throughout most of it.  I guess she wasn’t much of a fan of Fashion Police because she’s conked out next to me.  Although she has her blogging perch and loves to watch me type, it is rare that I do much at all on the computer if she’s awake.  Not a second will be wasted.  I love my little angel.

Another post will be up later tonight.  This entry is all about Tatum.  She’s such a force of light, so sweet and innocent.  I’m not cluttering her one week celebration with adult matters.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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