Hospital videos

The last video footage you’ll ever see of a pregnant Sloane.

P.S.  We could not help but laugh at my enormous gown draped in all of the wrong places.  I gained 15lbs, not 1500.

Tatum was a movie star only a few hours after leaving the womb!  Isn’t she beautiful?  Adam watched this before I posted it on here and was ecstatic to see his sweet sister.  Suffice it to say my camera will never have an off day from this point forward.

I’m sure there will be countless feeding videos later but it wasn’t happening this morning.  She’s so darn cute though I couldn’t help but keep filming her.

The sole purpose of these videos is to document the life of my little family while providing my children a lasting keepsake of memories….and a way for Adam and Tatum to know each other during this interim period of separation. With that being said, I’m not expecting anyone except my relatives and closest friends to be overly enthused about my YouTube endeavors, although I know some people have really enjoyed them.  So please let me know if you have any story suggestions as I am officially taking requests.  😉

3 years ago today.  * R. i. P. *  Sean. 

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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One Response to Hospital videos

  1. Will Miller says:

    Great videos! Congrats!!!

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