Three days

Tomorrow will move at such a sluggish pace….the hours will crawl by until Monday morning, my last doctor’s appointment prior to the C-section.  At least I hope it’s my last.  My initial doctor in Memphis scheduled my surgery for 2/21 and CHC in California honored that.  For those of you who don’t know– I’m having serious difficulties with my insurance and the hospital of my choice– and it is only recently these problems became an obstacle.

Tatum is 40 weeks on 2/28 so the elective C-section originally scheduled would be done at 39 weeks [babies are considered full term at 37 weeks], as is the optimal time for an elective C-section, provided there are no complications.  Dangers of passing your due date:  “Post-date pregnancies are associated with an increased risk for umbilical cord compression, fetal distress, meconium aspiration, as well as newborn complications, such as hypoglycemia and seizures (Pregnancy & Baby).”  Even if Tatum does not arrive on her previously scheduled birthday [that sounds so strange], I’m hopeful that the doctors will understand how imperative it is that I go into surgery on or before the end of February, and any lingering insurance issues can be resolved.

3 days until Tatum’s arrival.  ❤

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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