What’s in a name?  The ability to choose what I will call my children for the rest of their lives is a both a tremendous responsibility and a fulfilling opportunity.  I want their names to be poignant and meaningful, not something randomly selected from a baby book with thousands of choices.  Most of you who know me personally are very aware of the reasoning behind the monikers given to my kids, yet for those of you who are unfamiliar, it is my pleasure to share them with you.

Upon marrying William Reed in the fall of 2007, I took his last name, as my maiden name is Wilke.  Countless individuals ask me why I’m giving my daughter the same last name given everything that has happened within the past few months and our pending divorce.  Two reasons:  1)  It is extremely important to me that both of my children have the same surname.  2)  Reed is my legal name.  That is how I am known professionally and any significant milestones I’ve had with my writing thus far have been under Sloane Reed.  I have no plans on changing my legal name, regardless of the fact that it was ‘gifted’ to me by my ex-husband.

Adam Harrison Reed

Adam Bruce Douglas Sontag :: 4/25/84-7/7/03 ::

What a special way to pay homage to the person who has most influenced my life– other than my children– by sharing his name with my son.  Adam Sontag….my first true love, former fiancé, and my irreplaceable best friend.  I will always love him.  Not a day goes by where I don’t close my eyes and see that smile and hear that voice.   He helped shape me into the woman I am today.  Taken from us far too soon in a tragic automobile accident, I am so proud that Adam saved the lives of other people with his selfless decision to be an organ donor.  I speak for all of us who knew and loved him when I say he left a void in our hearts that will never be filled.  We miss you, Adam.

I'm in the process of obtaining an actual photo. Stars remind me of those loved and lost.

Harrison Andrew Elder is Will’s deceased father.  Unfortunately I do not have much information on him or a picture, so I’m hoping Angela or Holly may be able to help me with this.  To give you a better idea of his physical appearance….Will is the spitting image of his dad.  I do not feel comfortable speaking for my ex-husband about the love and admiration he had for his father, but I know it was of the utmost importance to him that we include his name on our son’s birth certificate.  Including Harrison is way for Will’s parents to be linked to their first grandchild as they both passed before he was born.

Tatum Maris Reed

Her book, 'A Paper Life,' influenced me tremendously.

Until I read her memoir, Tatum O’Neal was largely unfamiliar to me.  I’d never seen any of her acting work and the extent of my knowledge of her was:  dysfunctional Hollywood childhood; major Daddy issues; intermittent drug abuse; married [and later divorced] to mild-mannered John McEnroe; and a mother.  While all of the descriptions are indeed a part of her identity, I’m almost ashamed of how grossly oversimplified my previous description was, it came nowhere close to doing this strong and resilient woman justice.  She’s had one hell of a life– and struggles as all humans do– yet somehow managed to escape the chaos with a sense of humor and her sanity intact.  I appreciate her candor and consider her an inspiration.

Additionally, the name Tatum is unique, much like Sloane.  It’s quirky without being too ‘out there.’  Thank you, Mom & Dad, for allowing me to stand out from the masses without naming me Apple, Moses, or Pilot Inspektor.

Maris Elyse McLoskey ❤

I call Maris my soul sister– best friend just doesn’t adequately describe our bond.  Come to think of it, I don’t even know how to describe her at all.  Suffice it to say she’s the coolest person I’ve ever met and I seriously think we share a brain.  These past nine years have been saturated with this incredible woman and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We’re the godmothers to each others children and she even named her daughter after me!  I’ve known for a long time if I ever had a little girl I’d be returning the favor.  Maris is a blessing straight from the heavens.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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