Push presents

“Have you heard of the new tradition of giving a ‘push present’ after birth? Some dads reward their spouse’s hard work with a special new-mommy gift. Interested? Drop hints for something with baby’s initials or a birthstone in it. And consider getting something nice for the new daddy, too!” – The Daily Kick  (2/7/12)

The 'push present' of my dreams

Every woman deserves somebody who will get her a push present.  These email updates constantly refer to ‘spouses’ and ‘daddy’– and in many cases [though not for me personally] it is a nice thought to know that the father of your child appreciates your grueling labor.  However, the person who bestows the gift can be anyone who has been involved with your pregnancy and/or cares deeply about your family.

Can you take a guess what I want for my push present?

I am so blessed in the sense that I have a million push presents lined up from relatives and friends.  As I’ve constantly said throughout this ordeal, I have never been alone and there are so many people supporting my family and me.  For them I am so very grateful.  Please don’t think the following paragraph is some sort of subtle suggestion that I’m fishing for presents or assistance because trust me when I say plenty.  I’m just trying to help the other Mommies out by giving you advice that worked for me.

Don’t feel as though you have gift a new mama with an extravagant purchase or something that breaks the bank.  You don’t even have to spend a dime.  Coupons [such as cooking, house cleaning, help with the baby, etc.] are perfect.  As much as I wanted to buy a spa day for my best friend after her birth, I simply couldn’t afford it, so I gave her a book of homemade coupons.  Maybe it wasn’t the shiatsu massage and European facial I’d envisioned for her…..but it helped her tremendously.  Or offer to help ‘style’ Mommy and baby each month for a photo and at the end of the year assemble a collage.  Be the coordinator for all those wanting to help so she can focus on bonding with her newborn instead of frantically trying to arrange a calendar.  The possibilities are endless.


12 days until Tatum arrives.  ❤


With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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  1. Megan says:

    Great idea about the coupons!

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