Leah Messer did the dirty….

Some of my choices in television are a constant source of ridicule amongst many of my friends.  Surely I get some sort of redemption for having never watched The Bachelor/The Bachelorette or any of the Real Housewives?  I stick to the MTV stuff regarding teen pregnancies and teenage motherhood and shows about delusional mothers living vicariously through their children in pageants and on the dance team from hell.  So it should really come as no surprise then that I carve out an hour every Tuesday night to watch Teen Mom 2.  Don’t hate.  You’re probably trying pass yourself off as cultured and sophisticated by watching Downton Abbey.  I’m just keeping it real over here.

Leah and Corey's marriage begins to unravel

Let’s summarize last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 with a sentence about each of the ladies:  Jenelle checks herself into rehab for her marijuana dependency and anger issues [Good luck ever getting custody of Jace….one of the worst things you can do as a parent in the eyes of CPS is be proactive about your health]; Chelsea writes her first check and enrolls in GED classes [She deserves to be commended for her steps towards adulthood and setting educational goals to better herself]; Kailyn decides she still has feelings for the father of her child and invites him for a slumber party [Gurl, if the phrase ‘aspiring rapper and clothing designer’ describes his occupation….don’t go there]; and Leah admits to Corey, her husband, that she cheated on him a week before their wedding.

Corey Simms, always a man of many words, doesn’t beat around the bush.  He plops down on the bed next to Leah as she’s texting and cuts right to the chase.  “Did you have sex with Robbie?”  I almost spit out my drink.  Despite the delicacy of the topic– and really it doesn’t warrant much sugarcoating– he could have asked if she’d ‘cheated’ on him and everyone would have gotten the message.  While I always admire those who are blunt and don’t mince words, please don’t ambush me with a sex bomb on national television.  Especially if you’re a teenager.  I felt so uncomfortable.

But Sloane, you may say.  This is a show about teen MOMS.  If they aren’t having sex then however are the babies created?  You’re missing my point entirely.  I don’t care what they do in the bedroom or who they do it with…in fact, I think it was fantastic when Kailyn explored her birth control options a few weeks ago.  It’s downright foolish to gloss over the fact that the ladies are getting horizontal.  Perhaps I’m old-fashioned but I could never admit to such a dastardly deed knowing my entire family was probably watching me and my confession would be forever immortalized on YouTube.  It makes me queasy just thinking about it– and that’s precisely why I refuse to do any sort of reality TV.  I’d much rather be a guest panelist on Fox News, thank you very much.  In light of recent events I think I am long overdue for another television appearance….but I digress.

When I see clips for shows such as Jersey Shore where everyone hops into bed with everyone else [and random strangers], I can’t but wonder how these people feel knowing their parents are watching.  Have they any dignity or self-respect?  Class?  Fear of consequences?  Anything?  Granted, the sex we’re exposed to in Teen Mom 2 is quite innocent by comparison but it still terrifies me to think of my father even hearing about that sort of thing.  Despite being a married woman three years past teenage status for the birth of each of my children, as far as I’m concerned, Steve Wilke thinks Adam and Tatum are the results of the Immaculate Conception parts two and three.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My objective was to be lighthearted and silly in the post but I want to address something serious:  bullying.  Being unfaithful is wrong any way you spin it and what Leah did was a mistake that I’m not condoning.  However, through the various social media outlets, I saw some terrible, hurtful things about this young  woman.  No matter what she did it does not warrant being told to ‘go kill yourself ‘ and calling her ugly names.  Even though she was in the wrong….she’s still a human being with feelings.  Her marriage is ending and she’s hurting.  Yes– she made the conscious decision to appear in a massive reality series– and by doing so she sacrificed a lot of her privacy and set herself up for nasty comments.  But what do people get from trashing her [or any of these girls who have struggled, such as Jenelle and Amber] and passing judgement?  Shame on them.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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