Girly Tatum

Adam's snazzy new threads for Tatum

I am so glad I stumbled upon this outfit while I was organizing Tatum’s clothes!  Adam selected it for his sister the last time we went to Pismo Beach.  We visited the Carter’s outlet and this was his choice.  I told him that the sparkly silver letters said ‘little sister’ so of course he got excited and wanted that.  He’s gravitates towards bright hues so the multicolored polka dots on the leggings appealed to him as well.

It’s funny to me because he frequently compliments me on my style….which is decidedly casual.  I don’t dress up unless a special occasion warrants it and I’ve been slobbing around in my pajamas recently as a result of the discomfort associated with my pregnancy.  Typically the labels associated with my outfits are ‘tomboy’ and ‘punky’– in other words, I’m not girly or even particularly feminine.  Yet whenever I ask him the clothes he wants to buy for Tatum he goes all out:  poofy dresses, frills, sparkly tights, hair bows, lots of pink, glittery shoes, etc.  My daughter will never wear a bow in her hair.  Ever.  No offense to every female I know with a daughter– because you all do this– but that’s just not for me.  If funds permitted all three of us would wear– at least until my kids are old enough to chose their own looks— either Chucks or some type of skater shoes on our footsies; comfortable jeans or nifty pants/shorts below our waists; SRH, Metal Mulisha, or funky thrift store finds for our shirts, men’s hoodies [bonus points if they’re black], and lots of colorful plastic bracelets.  That last one being optional for Adam, of course.  =)


23 days until Tatum arrives.  ❤


With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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