Bedrest, court, and whiny creepers

Here he was four months. Now my baby is almost four years.

Today marks the first day of my maternity leave and the beginning of my [official] bed rest.  Much to my dismay I didn’t spend my Wednesday sprawled out in bed– on my left side of course– stuffing my face with cheese and red bell peppers while catching up on my Netflix queue.  An early morning call from my attorney necessitated a brief appearance in court.  I drafted a letter to the judge and commenced the pre-court ritual [which consists of meditation, prayer, and dirty rap music] until my chariot arrived at noon.

A pulmonary embolism and/or heart attack doesn’t tickle my fancy this evening so let’s address the legal stuff in ten sentences or less and be done with it:

1)  I was in a bit of hot water for contacting Will via email on multiple occasions. 

[[Sidenote:  My reasons for doing so were to plead with him to sign over his parental rights to my parents so they could adopt Adam and get him out of this system ASAP– I know I went about this the wrong way, but can you fault a desperate mother willing to do anything to get her child out of harm’s way?]]

2)  I was in a lot of hot water for my “uncooperative” attitude.

3)  Some folks don’t like it very much when you openly challenge them, question their policies, and assert yourself so it was determined that I was “not in compliance with my plan” and needed “further treatment.”

4)  My attorney liked my letter but wanted to make sure I knew it would infuriate the powers that be even more….

5)  We submitted it anyway.

6)  It goes without saying we contested the six month progress review and a full hearing has been set for several hours on March 14th.

7)  I may or may not be present at said hearing depending on where I am in the recovery process after giving birth.

8)  This is the opportunity for our expert witnesses to take the stand.

Napping on his beloved Gigi

Adam’s school took a field trip to Pismo Beach to see the monarch butterflies.  What an awesome experience!  I kept the image of him– laughing and squealing with delight from the butterflies– in my mind all day.  Mommy’s trying her  hardest, little man.  May this inspire you in your later years to be a crusader for justice.

Sometimes I find myself completely overwhelmed by my pessimistic attitude….and then I remind myself what a strong and resilient woman I am.  My children are strong and resilient too.  I’ve been a single mother for more than three quarters of Adam’s life and am fully prepared to raise both of my kids with this family structure.  Reminiscing over Adam’s baby photos reminds me that our family is still young and we will overcome.

Some of you may have noticed that my phone was shut off today.  The cellular benefactor informed this morning via email:  “I can’t see your blog, yo.”  To which I responded:  “That’s because it’s privatized, yo.”  Shortly after sending my reply I attempted to call my attorney only to hear an automated voice telling me that my service was suspended.  Maturity at its finest.  Perhaps I should have reminded the fellow that when a blog is private it means nobody can see it….but when a person is that dramatic I doubt it would have mattered much anyway.  Within the next day or so I’ll have a new number so in the meantime call my house if you need me.

A few bullet points to address the situation then it will never be mentioned again:

—  ‘Whiny,’ ‘needy,’ and ‘clingy’ are not words you want describing you as an adult.  Those are words for children.

—  If you wish to give me a gift or offer to pay for something of mine, it should be just that….a gift.  No strings attached.  Threatening to revoke said gift because I remove you from my Facebook is absolutely ridiculous.  Actually revoking said gift because I privatized my blog makes me frightened for you.  With those bad manners and juvenile tantrums, you might not pass kindergarten this year.

—  Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few months, you’ll know that I have been trapped in a living hell.  My children and my legal situation, respectively, are my priorities.  Did I also mention I have a job that’s very important to me?  Suffice it to say I’m stressed to the max, very busy, depressed, worried, frustrated, and for the most part feeling quite helpless.  All of those aforementioned emotions are quite negative.  If you’re adding to any of them, I don’t want to speak to you, period.  It’s irrelevant whether you’re one of my closest friends or an acquaintance.  My health and sanity comes first and if you’re not helping, I’ll cut you off in a heartbeat.  What kind of selfish and insecure person complains that I don’t give them enough attention and 24/7 access to my world with everything that’s been happening to me?  How dare you?  Get over yourself.

— To all the females who has been offended by said person, I do apologize.  But it’s not my problem anymore so I can’t help you there!

I just spent way too much time dignifying a person who wants nothing more than attention.  Hopefully they enjoyed it because that’s the last bit of recognition they’ll ever get from yours truly.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m FINALLY off to my bed rest.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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I'm blunt and opinionated. Virtually everything I say or do is a contradiction but I'm not a hypocrite. I never hesitate to speak my mind and never fail to leave an impression wherever I go. You love me, you hate me, but you'll never forget me.
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2 Responses to Bedrest, court, and whiny creepers

  1. megan says:

    What disgusts me most out of everything in this post is why some Jack wad thinks his ego is more important than an 8 month pregnant woman having a cell phone for emergencies. Could have at least waited. What a horrific douche.

    • It disgusts me too. Although I’m not the sort of person who reneges on gifts [you can attest to this as you’ve seen plenty of people come and go from my life], what irks me the most is that it was cut off in direct response to this guy thinking he couldn’t see my blog! REALLY?!?! A mature, logical person probably wouldn’t even question why I privatized my blog– considering everything that is going on less is more– but if they had lingering doubts they could easily be an adult about it and ask me directly if the privacy settings were applicable to everyone [they were] and if they were specific to him only why that was the case.

      At the very least I could have had a warning. Homeboy could have told me his widdle feewings were hurt and he was going to act like a five year old…and I could have had until the end of the pay period to make other arrangements. Oh well. I’ve blocked this person from all forms of contact and he definitely won’t get the new number. There’s just no time in my life for people like that.

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