34 weeks

Week 34's imagery

[[ Image courtesy of Baby Center and info from Web MD ]]

Baby: Your baby measures about 19.8 inches from head to toe and weighs about 5 pounds. Baby is probably settling into the head-down position [gotta love the painful pressure of that  head on my pelvis] although it might not be final. Organs are now almost fully mature, except for lungs, and the skin is pink instead of red. Fingernails reach the ends of fingers, but toenails are not yet fully grown. Baby might have lots of hair [she had a little bit of hair around her crown on the ultrasound]. Movements are less frequent because of the tight fit [don’t make me laugh].

Mom-to-be: Your uterus hardens and contracts as practice for labor, known as Braxton Hicks contractions, but you may not feel them yet. Your pelvis has expanded and may ache [please don’t remind me], especially at the back. The uterus is pushed hard against your lower ribs and your rib cage may be sore [that too], and your navel is probably pushing out as a result of your abdomen being stretched [this hasn’t happened to me for either pregnancy].

Tip of the Week: Start thinking about whether you want to breast-feed [I’ll pass], which helps increase your child’s immunities. You may want to consult a lactation expert or the La Leche League, an organization that encourages and promotes breast-feeding, or simply talk with friends or relatives who can share their experiences.

What’s Happening Inside You?

By the end of these four weeks, your baby will weigh as much as 5 pounds. Your baby continues to mature and develop reserves of body fat. You may notice that your baby is kicking more. Baby’s brain is developing rapidly at this time, and he or she can hear. Most internal systems are well developed, but the lungs may still be immature.

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