The hearings are finished.

Our last snow in Memphis - '11

Dare I say the end is finally in sight?  Court today went quite well.  Changes and omissions were made to the official report that helped me immensely, so for that I was grateful.  Not surprisingly I did not have to testify.  The other 50% of Adam’s genetic material didn’t take the stand either– though originally he was supposed to– so I’m assuming his public defender nixed that idea after realizing that doing so would be a tremendous disservice to his client.  Despite the fact that the testimony would have been quite beneficial for us, I’m perfectly fine with the fact that it never saw the light of day.  Let other parties incriminate themselves in other ways.  My focus is Adam…and that involves only me, myself, and I.

One of the numerous benefits of having an attorney who is a self-professed ‘curmudgeon’ involves the security and confidence I feel whenever I’m in the courthouse.  It’s as if I’m emitting a Don’t Mess With Me vibe because I’m part of this formidable duo.  Strike that.  He does all the dirty work while I stand protected under the shade of his umbrella-ella-ella.  Although I must say I’m a fabulous witness for our cause because I always maintain my dignity and composure, do not waver from the truth, refuse to be intimidated, and stand up for myself– which is probably why nobody ever wants me to speak.  😉

All trials and/or hearings are FINISHED.  It is now the responsibility of CPS to present their official custody recommendation.  That occurs on January 25th.  Because they are required to utilize a certain amount of days and also the typical calendar coordination amongst attorneys, that was the first available day.  After this horrific ordeal for my son and my subsequent legal battle– grueling enough even for a woman who is not pregnant– to finally have a date for results motivates me to get through this final stretch.  I’m not going to speculate on the outcome or give a specific time frame.  Knowing my luck and the snail’s pace at which this system moves I can envision it now:  the CPS worker hands the judge her recommendation where I have sole custody and a check for a million dollars for my grievances.  The judge notices the CPS worker’s nail polish is smudged.  “I see your fingers were recently manicured.  Did the toxic fumes you were exposed to in the salon affect your judgment?  Let’s take an additional two weeks to make sure you don’t change your mind.  After those two weeks have elapsed we’ll coordinate our calendars and see if there are additions to be made to the report and if there are we’ll have a continuance sometime after Tatum’s first birthday…..”

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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