The last enemy?

“Death is the last enemy:  once we’ve got past that I think everything will be alright.” ~ Alice Thomas Ellis

One of my angels, Ashley ❤

Take that quote as you will.  I find it deeply comforting and strangely uplifting.  It’s a subtle spiritual nuance yet an overt declaration of the power of faith.  Or perhaps it’s something different entirely and there is no religious context.  Maybe death’s not even the enemy….within seemingly concrete meanings there is plenty of room for interpretation.

A fatal car crash back home on new year’s took the life of a young man and critically injured the woman to whom he was about to propose and also his brother.  Alcohol caused the accident.  It is not my place to twist the knife even deeper in a community that’s grieving– losing somebody is a tragedy regardless of the circumstances– but this tragedy was entirely preventable.  Drinking and driving has very real consequences.  How many more accidents and deaths will it take?

I found out this afternoon that a guy who went to the boys school next door to mine passed away yesterday.  Out of respect for his family and friends– I didn’t know him very well– I’m not disclosing any details.  What I will say is this was a genuinely kind person who, at least from what I observed, marched to the beat of his own drum [and that’s one of the highest compliments I can give somebody] and will be sorely missed by many.  May he find peace.

Tonight I went to the L&D with severe lower abdominal pains.  We were discharged shortly thereafter and everything is fine.  My ligaments are stretched from my first pregnancy, apparently I move around too much and lift more than I should, and Tatum’s so strong her movements oftentimes cause me pain.  As I waited in the lobby of the ER for my ride, a woman came running through the doors, absolutely frantic.  There was a motionless baby in her arms, eyes closed and as white as a ghost.  She was screaming at the top of her lungs that she couldn’t wake her 8 month old son.  He hung limp like a rag doll in her arms and I just about had a heart attack right there.  Between sobs I couldn’t really make out her story but before she could even finish speaking the doors opened a team of doctors ran out and put the baby on a stretcher.  I was beyond traumatized– I thought for sure I had just seen a dead infant and was about to faint when my ride arrived.

I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Crying, upset, shaking, and unable to eat I couldn’t stand not knowing.  Figuring they wouldn’t release any information, I decided to call the ER, and they knew who I was as soon as they heard my voice.  Of course she was not allowed to tell me anything– but understand how profoundly affected I was– so the duty nurse told me that the doctors were able to revive him and he would be okay.  I almost fell to the floor I was so overjoyed and relieved.  That poor child’s pale, lifeless face is forever etched into my mind….but I am so grateful he is alive.  What a MIRACLE.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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