It’s a BOY for Danielle!

Ethan and Carley watch Aunt Allison's wedding with their mama. =)

It’s a boy!!  Aiden Joshua Dunn is expected to make his debut on April 27th.

I know how thrilled Danielle is to have a second son.  To be a single mother– she is no longer with her fiancee and the father of her children– takes a toll on any woman.  Yet having three children [Carley was born in August ’08 and Ethan December ’09] under the age of four?!  She deserves an award.  How she keeps it together with only minimal financial help from an uncooperative father is beyond me.

Sharing simultaneous pregnancies with one of my very best friends in the same city would have been such a rewarding experience.  I’ve always thought it would be such a special time in your life to share with one of your nearest and dearest….but alas, it will never happen to me.  No more fruit from my loins.  And the only one of my friends [with the obvious exception of Danielle] who hasn’t reached their offspring quota yet is Mandy.  So Miss Lauman, if you want to be a part of the bump brigade then you need to make that happen– like today.  We may be able to share one or two weeks of pregnancy time together if you act immediately!  No pressure.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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