Don’t drink and drive on NYE

Hey, New Years Drinkers, aka Weekend Warrior Amateurs: No excuses, folks. Don’t drink and drive-and don’t ride with anybody who does. Tipsy Tow offered by AAA: You don’t have to be a AAA member, from 6pm-6am on New Year’s Eve/Day they will take your drunk self and your car home for FREE. Save this number… 1-800-222-4357. Please re-post this if you don’t mind.

What a brilliant idea.  I suggest you program this number into your phone now and consider making plans in advance before the drinking begins.  Ideally transportation with a sober driver behind the wheel should be handled before you ever leave the house for New Year’s Eve.  Don’t wait until the last minute when you run the risk of a few drinks clouding your judgement.  Also remember that bars are responsible for providing you with a taxi if you get too intoxicated.  There are never any circumstances where it is okay for you to drive drunk or ride with somebody who has been drinking, period, no exceptions.  And no, the ‘designated driver’ is not the person who has consumed the fewest drinks and/or appears to be the most functional.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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