Merry Christmas

Adam and Tatum's loot from a very special Santa

Every cent I make that doesn’t go to my savings account lands one of two places:  supplies/furnishing for my apartment or preparing for Tatum’s arrival.  Thinking of how I’d provide an exciting Christmas for Adam sent me into a panic.  As much as I want to raise children who understand that I’m not going to gift them with half of Toys ‘R’ Us on special occasions….this holiday most definitely is an exception.  After the countless traumatic events my son has endured this year, he deserves some materialistic goodies.  Books and playthings will make him feel at home here and enable him to learn while using his imagination and having fun.  The only question–or I should probably say fear– involved how I would possibly afford everything I wanted to do for him.  Suffice it to say I was getting very creative when it came to how I could reduce my expenses and generate some extra cash.

Such a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders when I received a very special phone call from a very special angel at a very special community organization in San Luis Obispo.  I had been selected to come to their facility and select ‘a few toys’ for the kids!  Quite possibly I could make this happen after all– some extra help from the organization combined with the gift cards from my family should take care of most of my Christmas needs.

I seriously almost fainted when I arrived in SLO last week during my allotted shopping time.  L gave me a ride down there and we were both stunned.  In my mind I had envisioned an unused conference room with some donations and I’d select one or two items.  Wrong!  It was more along the lines of an massive storage unit crammed full with all sorts of children’s items.  I received an large basket draped with blankets and filled with stuff for Tatum.  I got to fill shopping cart with things for Adam– books, crayons, a fire truck, puzzles, a remote control car, and countless other things.  They even gave me a Visa gift card and gift certificates to a children’s shoe company and a toy store.  And I also received a turkey and holiday food.  The piece de le resistance was a brand new car seat still in the box!

To be constantly reminded such good people in this world– and I’ve met so many of them– brings me comfort and joy.  Despite everything that has happened to me since my arrival in Paso Robles I can honestly say I’ve never felt alone.  I’ve never once worried that people don’t care about my family or that they want anything less than my success.  How lucky I am to be so blessed.

* The stockings and the red gift back were sent to me from my parents– just added to this photo for artistic value.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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