So I’ve come to the conclusion that when I’m dismissed from the staff meeting every Tuesday the rest of my coworkers and our pastor sit around devising sermons just for me.  😉

What’s brilliant is they’re not just for me nor am I the only person who feels this way.  The messages extrapolated from the Bible and the manner in which they are presented to the congregation resonates with countless individuals.  I can honestly say this is the first church I’ve been to in the Christian faith that is actually relevant and exciting.  That’s a HUGE statement coming from a de-churched person such as myself.

Today was no exception.  K, the pulpit guest, spoke about the difference between happiness [glee in response to cirumstance] and joy [let’s just say it’s a state of being that requires more than the ability to feel an emotional reaction.  When there is a disconnect with spirituality….life is not complete.  You may not realize it– I didn’t– until you fill the void but it enhaces your life exponentially.  What an incredible reward.

K quoted several verses from the book of Habakkuk.  We all know I’m not the most Biblically literate person but I’d never even heard of this particular book.  From what I gather it seems to have some very interesting verses so I wonder why I’m not at all acquainted with it.  Maybe because nobody wants to risk slaughtering the pronounciation by saying it aloud? Heh.

Although Habakkuk served as the scripture focal point, another verse caught my eye.  You’ll understand.

Proverbs 17:22
A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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I'm blunt and opinionated. Virtually everything I say or do is a contradiction but I'm not a hypocrite. I never hesitate to speak my mind and never fail to leave an impression wherever I go. You love me, you hate me, but you'll never forget me.
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2 Responses to Joy

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi, Sloane, I just saw your post regarding the book of habbakuk and laughed, because in vacation Bible School every summer, Brother Iliver Cunningham, a jolly preacher who had 3 cute sons, haha, put us through our drills and we memorized a LOT of things in the Bible, INCLUDING the Minor Priphets of the Bible, among which Habbakuk is one of them! My one parlor trick is that I can stull recite all if the 12 Minor Prophets faster than anything! Hisea

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