I consider myself to be pretty tech saavy when it comes to most computer programs….but I am having an issue with Gmail and hope that somebody reading this can assist me.  For my email account I cannot figure out how to block somebody!  Currently I use the ‘create filter’ option which sends messages from unwanted recipients straight to my trash folder yet I don’t want to see them at all.  When I periodically dump my trash I see said person’s name and the first 3-5 lines of their message and I want them blocked entirely.  Help?

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2 Responses to Gmail

  1. Gmail won’t allow you to completely block an address. FIltering it and sending directly into the trash is as good as it gets. Sowwy. 😦

  2. That just doesn’t seem right….oh well. The upside is that the trash will automatically delete itself every 30 days so I don’t have to worry about manually deleting it because it’s ‘too full.’ I’ll just stay out of the trash and it’s as good as blocking!

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