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Last Monday I had an interview with an area church here in Paso for the position of Office Manager.  The pastor and his associate were throroughly impressed with my resume and said I was overqualified.  They asked me lots of questions about my interests and life experiences– with genuine interest– and I considered it more of an interesting conversation than an interview.  I enjoyed chatting with them and thought it went very well, a fact comfirmed when I was emailed within an hour of my departure asking for a second interview two days later with several members of the board.  Round two was quite similar to the first except I was asked if my UU beliefs would conflict with their conservative church.  It struck me as odd that they considered their establishment to be anything but liberal….then again we aren’t in the hellfire and brimstone of the Bible Belt.  I assured them that I had researched the church and thought it was a positive place making a difference in the community as opposed to striking fear in people’s hearts.

A few days elapsed without hearing from them and I started to doubt myself.  Interviews don’t phase me and neither does rejection– I am confident in my abilities and experience and understand that sometimes certain people just aren’t the right fit for certain jobs– but these interviews went so well I felt disappointed.

Yesterday they called to offer me the position!!  Of course I eagerly accepted and start Wednesday.  Things seem to have a way of working themselves out….

Essentially I perform all the duties of a secretary and am also responsible for the weekly newsletter.  Beyond that I make myself available to any parishoners who need an ear and direct them to the proper person/resources if it is beyond my scope.  I work Monday through Thursday, 9-4.  Those hours are ideal for me and coincide nicely with childcare for Adam.  Even though it is only 28 hours I am very satisfied with the pay.

A job like this is perfect for my pregnancy though I certainly plan to remain on board after the baby is born.  Oh and speaking of baby:  THE BIG GENDER REVEAL ULTRASOUND IS FRIDAY!!!

Did I mention yet I am in love with my spectacular phone?  Said love multiplied exponentially with the discovery of the Word Press app.  ❤

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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