Jessica Beagley and my Little Ninja

Speaking of hot sauce, this is my favorite brand. 😉

Currently I am writing an Associated Content article about ‘hot sauce mom’ Jessica Beagley.  What are your thoughts on this story?  Suffice it to say I do not believe this is child abuse– though I thoroughly disagree with the fact that she taped the incident hoping to be on national television– and I think it’s incredible the sort of parental discipline techniques that make the news while others [such as forceful spanking] happen routinely.  And that’s all I’ll say until I debut the article.

I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable price of martial arts lessons in the area:  $50 a month.  Here in Atascadero at the Pacific Martial Arts Academy, there is a Little Ninja program for kids ages 3-5.  How cute is that?!  I think it’s really important that Adam immerses himself in a regular, structured activity….especially with the baby coming within the next few months.  Will and I think he’d love any type of martial arts training [bonus points for his obsession with ninjas] so this is right up his alley.  Once Mommy gets started with her Krav Maga lessons we can spar in the backyard.  😉

Our chances of getting into Head Start look grim.  Although it is a public education preschool, spaces are limited, and we did not begin the registration process early enough.  I didn’t even realize such a program existed here.  Thinking it would be a similar setup to Memphis, I thought our only options were church and/or private schools or wait until he was eligible for kindergarten in the public school of our district.  We simply cannot afford private tuition right now and it breaks my heart that Adam doesn’t have school in his life.  He absolutely adored Germantown Presbyterian— he talks about it all the time– and I know that having a productive way to spend his days would ease the transition of such a drastic move.  Although he has adapted wonderfully, I can tell he misses his former world and has been affected on many levels by our decision to relocate.

Overall today has been insanely stressful.  The combination of high levels of stress coupled with a feeling of helplessness [not to mention pregnancy hormones] has me feeling less than stellar.  I can’t eat or sleep and feel like I’m starting to shut down as a coping mechanism.  In these situations I try to stay calm, focus on the positive, and not get fixated on my anger.  Rage tends to accompany negativity in my life and I despise it.  There is nothing worse than feeling angry, it’s the worst emotion ever.  I would vent here but I feel as though I’d just be rehashing things and right now that is neither productive nor in my best interests.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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