You MUST attend this garage sale.

Ashley and her sons, Jay and baby Jared

3920 Shadow Oaks Pkwy

Horn Lake, MS  38637

Saturday August 13th & Sunday August 14th

My friend, Ashley Morrow, is desperately trying to raise funds to bring her son, Jay, home.  The ‘father’ of her son and his new girlfriend are so envious of her happiness and success that they filed a bogus complaint with CPS claiming she hit Jay in the face.  Everyone who knows Ashley knows she is a wonderful person and mother– and that these terrible lies are the desperate measures of some very twisted people determined to undermine her– so let’s do what we can to ensure she gets the legal representation she deserves.  Ashley is the mother of two boys whom she loves deeply.  She is a very attentive and involved parent.  And it breaks her heart that she only has one of her children at home [it is no coincidence that no complaints have ever been made regarding her other son]….please make purchases from the garage sale or donate items.  Consider it a personal favor.  You all know that this is an issue that affects me deeply after somebody had the audacity to call authorities on me after we got into a fight that had nothing to do with children.  People like this need to be STOPPED.

To the girl who messaged me on Facebook saying she hopes there are “no hard feelings”– I suggest you make some serious purchases at this garage sale.  I think it’s only fair after what you attempted to do to my family to help prevent it from actually happening to somebody else.  Consider it a way to make amends for your disgusting behavior.  😉

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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