The first annoyances in Cali

Forgive me for deviating from the originally planned topics…..but it’s my blog and I’ll digress if I want to! Allow these grievances aired so I can clear the slate for subsequent posts about the glory of California.

While this was barely a blip in my radar, apparently some of the people I had blocked on Facebook magically became available. Such occurrences really don’t bother me as long as a person isn’t obsessive– and in her defense she wasn’t. But at the same time I was bowled over by the sheer audacity it even took for homegirl to message me….wow. I refuse to glorify anyone’s bad behavior by detailing specifics but if I had attempted to amputate somebody’s leg I would never dream of sending them a message apologizing for the mild boo boo on their lower torso and completely dismiss the gravity [that I purposely inflicted] of the situation. In any lesser circumstances it would be commendable– even respectable–  to apologize yet in this case it was insulting and I found the whole thing bizarre. Needless to say the correspondence got no answer from me.

Speaking of bizarre…..let’s discuss Lord Megatron. Homeboy reads my blog on the daily. Obsessive much? Apparently he is itching to call the cops for some sort of ‘defamation of character.’ I am totally kicking myself in the derriere for not attending law school but the last time I checked defamation does not involve stating well-documented truths masked with a code name.  Quite frankly, it may not be a code name in the traditional sense, because if you use it to refer to yourself [albeit covertly and not in any acceptable social circle], I’d say that’s public domain. The bottom line: if you see something deplorable, without a name, and know it’s about you…..uh, I wouldn’t let on to the masses that I recognize it. Thank all the deities and then some I am thousands of miles away from that psychotic stalker who left a paper trail saying he wanted to bomb cops and murder me and my unborn child!


With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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I'm blunt and opinionated. Virtually everything I say or do is a contradiction but I'm not a hypocrite. I never hesitate to speak my mind and never fail to leave an impression wherever I go. You love me, you hate me, but you'll never forget me.
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2 Responses to The first annoyances in Cali

  1. wow. okay as for the first annoyance, i have no comment. on to the second, i wish lord megatron would do something to land himself in jail so the entire city would be safer! i have seen his comments on a couple of random people’s FB posts, so i have just merely inquired about him and every time i got the same response: “i dont personally know him, but he leaves weird messages and comments on every. single. status. as if he is stalking me”. One of the people has since blocked him because of a lewd message. I did not inform either person of specifics of what I know about him, i just gave a little warning! and as for number three, i can tell you from experience, that no matter HOW BAD a family member is whether it be drugs, alcohol, abuse, STEALING MONEY FOR YEARS FROM CUSTOMERS (as i just found out a few months ago about part of my own family), there are always going to be people who take up for them and who will go against you for doing what you think is right by not associating with them. “but they are family”.. as i’ve heard.. well whoopdie freakin doo! that doesn’t mean anything. but unfortunately there will always be someone else who will use it against you forever. i chose to ignore it and it eventually went away, for now, so hopefully that won’t cause major problems for you!

    p.s. i miss you already!

    • You know, I guess in a way I’m strangely [somewhat] grateful to Lord Megatron…..prior to him I would see behavior like that and think: “That’s a strange kid who is clearly on the fringes. I feel bad for him/her. Maybe I should reach out and be their friend.” Never again. I’m still polite to everyone I meet and give all people a chance– but he taught me that you should always listen to your gut and you are under ZERO OBLIGATION to befriend a person– or even speak to them– if there are red flags. Also, I’m not afraid to tell somebody straight-up to leave me alone when I feel uncomfortable, even if it may be earlier than the ‘socially acceptable’ point to do so.

      I saved the things he said to me in a harassment folder. Sadly I’ve had to make these twice, in two different years, as you know. But I certainly didn’t have to make any attempts of a character assassination with him [not that I would do so] because he pretty much took care of that. People see for themselves how strange he is. And you know what? I’m pretty freaking quirky and out there in a lot of ways…..but I have NEVER IN MY LIFE relentlessly stalked somebody or made serious, written threats about murder.

      The grandma/uncle thing just breaks my heart. I’m overyjoyed though because Will’s family that are in this area have been so incredibly wonderful to him and us. I know it’s different when it’s your family that is behaving badly but it just irritates me to no end when I can’t confront them out of respect for his wishes. Honestly, I don’t feel very good after writing this blog. It wasn’t mature or indicative of my character, it didn’t accomplish anything, and I’m stooping to their level by airing this in a public forum. But I’m not going to delete it because I hope it gets Lord Megatron’s panties in a wad. 😉

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