Tweakers, birth control, the death penalty, etc.

5 Ways Methamphetamine Can Make You a New Person

Adam painted these in summer school. Aren't they lovely?

Sick and tired of having to justify your crystal meth habit to those sluggish, slow-brained folk?

15 Pregnancy Power Foods

Even if you’re not pregnant you should take a glimpse at these nutritious foods.  Raw broccoli may not be your idea of culinary bliss so be mindful of how to incorporate the items into dishes you enjoy.  I was pleasantly surprised how….common…a lot of these things were and how much of them I already like.  [[Sidenote: While I am on pregnancy and parenting websites daily– I try to only share the ones I think will be most interesting to my readers– regardless of whether or

not their uterus has an occupant or they claim a dependent other than themselves on their tax return]]

Innocence and the Death Penalty

I found this article through a link on an Amnesty International Piece entitled ’35 Years Of Death Penalty Regret.’  While I’m against the death penalty– though not for ethical reasons– the thought of innocent people facing execution makes me ill.  “Since 1973, 138 people in 26 states have been released from death row with evidence of their innocence.  Not to imply that a person should be found guilty if there is room for reasonable doubt [though it happens all the time]….but nobody should be sentenced to death without incontrovertible proof of their guilt of a heinous crime.

Lesbian marine in California to be jailed after she and girlfriend ‘faked marriages with male colleagues to pocket $75,000 in allowances’

The headline alone caused me to snicker before I even read this; however, there was really nothing funny in the piece.  To make a long story short the marine wanted to live with her civilian girlfriend off-base but couldn’t afford it, thus prompting her to marry a fellow soldier, a male heterosexual.  Of course– reading only the first few sentences– the rabble-rouser in me said: “Haha, look at them making a statement and calling attention to some archaic limitations our society places on love!”  But then we learn that the civilian girlfriend marries a marine as well…..their living arrangements are questioned, the marines are in lots of trouble and their is possible jail time.  Most shockingly, the female marine seemed blissfully unaware that she could get in any sort of trouble for this.  While I applaud the fact that she did not hide her girlfriend, she should have fully understood the consequences, and been willing to take more of an activist stance.  Overall I felt like her attitude and lack of research made her an inappropriate ‘role model’ [if you can even call her that] for the cause and A) it’s absolutely ridiculous that the military– though they certainly aren’t the only organization guilty of this– doesn’t respect and honor those who serve equally and B) marriage is still defined by gender as opposed to love.

Birth control, exams to cost more at Planned Parenthood

Budget cuts in Davidson County [Nashville, TN] put Planned Parenthood in a bind.  Sadly this is all too common at Planned Parenthoods throughout the nation.  Select staunch conservatives erroneously equate this crucial organization with an ‘abortion factory’– I actually heard that phrase used somewhere!– but your personal beliefs about a woman’s right to choose should not negate the importance of Planned Parenthood.  If you disagree with some of the services they provide, take your business elsewhere.  Don’t forget that they provide gynecological services to low-income and/or uninsured women, contraceptives, and disease testing.  We desperately need this.

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