This verdict is like a bad dream

Sean Krause, I miss you so. Your videos bring a smile to my face and a fighting spirit to my soul. Please go haunt Casey Anthony now.

I know there have been quite a few people– regardless of their opinions on Casey Anthony’s guilt or innocence– who believe that the prosecution did not meet their burden and the evidence was lacking. That’s precisely how jurors should analyze the information, as objectively as possible without succumbing to emotions and rampant speculation. However, I assert that there WAS ample evidence to warrant a guilty verdict on the charges of aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter. Eventually I will share my reasoning [backed by evidence] with you as to why I believe the defendant is guilty….but I cannot even begin to give a time frame for when you should expect to see that due to its novel-length. The end is finally in sight for my piece on ‘Zanny The Nanny’– what a heartbreaking tale. Not only would Caylee still be alive if anyone ever insisted on meeting the fictitious caregivers but it speaks volumes about the bizarre family dynamic of the Anthony’s and how they cater to their pathological liar of a daughter.

[[ David Lohr – The Huffington Post ]]

Casey Anthony Juror: Sick To Our Stomachs Over Verdict

Legal Experts: Casey Will Be Released From Jail

If the defendant who got away with murder walks free tomorrow… mind just can’t even comprehend that.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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2 Responses to This verdict is like a bad dream

  1. Jessica Pals says:

    I don’t understand why she wasn’t also charged with gross abuse of a corpse since part of her defense was that Caylee “accidentally drowned” and she panicked. I’m pretty sure I can think of a whole host of other things she should have been charged with besides just lying to law officials.

  2. Jessica– I completely agree with you. There was a segment on HLN where viewers were calling in and somebody asked why there weren’t more charges brought against the defendant. Essentially the answer was that the jury shouldn’t be ‘bogged down’ with all these additional details because it would be ‘too confusing.’ Excuse me?!

    Not only is that an insult to the jury’s intelligence, it’s a tremendous perversion of justice. I don’t care if she committed a rarely-enforced misdemeanor of spilling spaghetti sauce on a white shirt– if she can be accused of it, she should be charged with it, regardless. There is no such thing is too trivial when there is a murder on the table. If the jury is not insulted by the ‘fantasy of forensics’ argument I doubt they’d care too much about additional charges….especially now that jurors are coming forward saying they wished they had more on which to charge her.

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