Not guilty

Casey Anthony: NOT GUILTY.

Sickened, disgusted, frustrated, saddened, angered, betrayed…..all of these are adequate descriptions of my response to the verdict. One thing I am not, however, is shocked. From the very beginning I had a sinking feeling that the defendant would not be charged with murder in the first degree. Before I proceed let me refresh your memory on the exact charges and a brief description of each:

  • First degree murder: NOT GUILTY

    Subdivided into premeditated [planned and willful] or felony [a death occurs– even if it is an accident– from certain violent felonies such as kidnapping] though a distinction was not necessary nor did the jurors have to agree on which type of murder in the first degree

  • Aggravated child abuse: NOT GUILTY

    Committing an aggravated battery [intentionally causing physical harm] on a child; willfully torturing, maliciously punishing, or willfully and unlawfully caging a child; or knowingly and willfully abusing a child and in doing so causing great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement

  • Aggravated manslaughter of a child: NOT GUILTY

    Recklessly causing the death of a minor under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life

  • (4 counts) Providing false information to a law enforcement officer: GUILTY

    I don’t think this requires an explanation.

* Summarizations from Florida attorney Richard Hornsby’s website

We won't forget you

Let’s not mince words here: you’d have to be a buffoon to NOT find Casey Anthony guilty of criminal activity. Her tangled web of lies and deceit shows a cunning young woman with little regard for anyone but herself. Undoubtedly– by her own admission– she told multiple fabrications to the police and lead them on a wild goose chase, so it’s no surprise she was indicted for those four charges. As for her treatment towards her precious daughter, whether you believe she was ‘merely a bad parent’ [and I put that in quotations only because neglecting and/or abusing her child were the least of her judicial concerns] or a cold-blooded killer who premeditated the murder of her daughter…..there is no question she was a terrible mother who resented her own flesh and blood for hindering the carefree lifestyle of a party girl that she so desperately wanted. Her appalling behavior as a person and failure as a parent should not go unpunished.

The jurors must be convinced that the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was guilty of each charge. As I previously stared, I did not think there would be a murder one charge because of the lack of hard evidence. All signs point to the defendant’s [I don’t even want to use the bitch’s name] guilt but our legal system requires a verdict derived from analysis of the facts and evidence directly presented in trial– not speculation or character analysis– even if it is blatantly obvious her hands are dirty. Leaving murder out of the equation…I think the state met the burden of proof for both charges of child abuse, so I was surprised at the acquittal there. Furthermore, I’ll never understand why negligence charges were not included, especially after the discovery of the fictitious ‘Zanny the Nanny.’  If there was no nanny, where was Caylee while Casey was out doing god knows what?!

Megan Childers, one of my close friends who has been following the trial since day one, shared my beliefs about the outcome of the verdict. She drew an interesting parallel to the West Memphis 3. People have been sentenced to death with a lot less evidence than we saw in this case, and it can also work the opposite way. Our justice system is deeply flawed….guilty people get away with murder and innocents are wrongfully accused and placed on death row.

The defendant’s verdict in the court of public opinion was reached long ago. She’ll never be able to live a normal life. What absolutely sickens me is the prospect of her using this trial for financial gain. If she profits from the loss of her little girl– death at her hands [although I do believe it was an accident]– I hope Caylee comes back to haunt her. Seeing her tears of happiness and her huge grin today made me want to vomit. Her cold, detached, and emotionless demeanor gave way to an overjoyed and victorious manipulator. Of course she’s happy! She wins. Not only did she get away with it, she’ll be out of prison in no time at all.

I'm so sorry, Caylee

If the ruling and the defendant’s behavior wasn’t nauseating enough– watching the grins and embraces of the defense and seeing Jose Baez’s press conference sent me over the edge. He’s just as smug and arrogant as she is. The nerve of him to sit there and start thanking his family [especially that wonderful sidebar in his native tongue] was so beyond inappropriate. How tacky. Thanking your family?! An innocent child was murdered, he acted like a charlatan in the courtroom, and he’s talking about how proud he is that his healthy and living kids will praise their Daddy for doing his job? Shame on you. It’s not the Academy Awards, jackass.

Her family’s reaction says it all: Lee didn’t even bother to attend. George and Cindy didn’t smile or hug each other, they walked out of the court with their heads down. Casey destroyed her family. They know she did it and they know she got away with it. Despite the fact that her mother perjured….even they know justice was not served.  Like many people I think George Anthony has details he’s not divulging– though I do feel an immense deal of sympathy [more for him than anyone else in that ridiculous family]– but I am confident that he did not ever molest his daughter nor did he cover up the ‘accidental drowning’ of his beloved granddaughter.

What terrifies me is the idea of the defendant having more children. You know there are men out there who have been writing her incessantly and would marry her. She’ll still be within the limits of her biological clock when she’s released. But honestly, I’m not too scared about that….because I don’t think she’ll be alive for long once she’s in the free world. I do not in any way condone violence– and especially not murder– but I have a strong feeling she will be shot and killed as she’s leaving prison or shortly thereafter. Too many people were affected so deeply by this case and are absolutely incensed over the acquittal. As terrible as this sounds, I would not be surprised if it was a suburban soccer mom who drives her kids around in a minivan that pulls the trigger. This case has affected people in ways I have never seen.

I know Sean Krause is rolling over in his grave right now. Forgive my strong language, but this verdict was a big F*CK YOU to Caylee. That poor little girl died…..for what? Nobody will ever pay the price for cutting her life short so cruelly and unnecessarily. And that is a tragedy of epic proportions. Caylee, people will never forget you, nor will they ever stop talking or demanding justice and accountability– your death will not be in vain. I’m so sorry they failed you today. Rest in peace, sweet angel.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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3 Responses to Not guilty

  1. ragiannie says:

    I have absolutely no words for this. Thank you, my dear friend, for honoring him though.
    May he haunt her via Gale St. John for the rest of her days..

  2. I am so not happy either, but as your legal breakdown points out, it can’t be “beyond a reasonable doubt”, however strongly we may feel. I’m saddened all the way around.

  3. brenda chapman says:

    Your right, justice will never be served sloane. And sean krause is not only rolling in his grave but he’s holding caylee telling her how sorry he is. I was so convinced she was guilty. After the 911 calls and the jailhouse tapes and just certain evidence it pointed right at casey. Who in there damn mind wits 31 days to report daughter missing? And it wasn’t even her that reported her missing. Her mother cindy called it in. I uncontrollably cried as she was found NOT GUILTY! So I guess lying is worse then cold hearted murder. Its ok to murder but not lie??? I’m confused. The proof was obvious. In her head she’s laugging thinking omg I’m so freakin awesome I beat the system… ughh what a waste of a human being. And her she’s capable to do it again. It tears me up bc my son is my life and I could never harm or hurt him. She feels no remorse. And she’s smileing thinking of 3 things and that’s a bf, a hot bod contest, and bella vista……. poor caylee, I’m sorry lil baby girl. Sorry we failed you…. r.I.p. cma

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