Independence Day

Our Fourth of July was wonderful. All three of us exercised our right to sleep late and relax. Sometimes a lazy morning just hits the spot. 😉

Adam and his lady love, Carley ❤

Will hasn’t followed the trial closely– he didn’t even know the charges against the defendant– but even he tuned in yesterday as the jury began deliberations. Neither one of us anticipates a lengthy wait. I would never want to rush a jury encourage them to be anything less than thorough….but I’m so ready to see the verdict. Anything less than guiltyfor all counts does not do justice for Caylee– though I do not necessarily think the defendant will be found guilty of first degree murder.  UPDATE:  THE VERDICT IS IN!!  12:50 CST

What did you do to celebrate Independence Day? I know I felt overwhelmed with gratitude for our military, while wishing all of the men and women serving our country were safe within our boundaries. Read the poignant story of Cpl. Andrew C. Wilfarht, killed in Afghanistan this February. His parents honor his legacy by their active participation in the quest for equal rights for all. While nobody will argue that Cpl. Wilfarht was an outstanding person– a brave soul, a true American Hero– I believe the same can be said for his parents, Jeff and Lori. Thinking about our troops reaffirmed my commitment to Feed Our Vets— I am determined to launch a Memphis chapter of this incredible organization.

With fireworks and food in tow we headed to Nathan and Danielle’s for a cookout. Watching Adam, Carley, and Ethan enjoy the fireworks and play with their sparklers [no sparkler for Ethan due to age restrictions!] was a blast. Danielle and I made a beverage run and the boys watched the kids and cooked for us. We both joked that we could definitely get used to that arrangement– girl time knowing our children are in the most capable hands– AND there’s delicious food waiting upon our return?! Yes please!

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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