Sidewalk chalk, The Teflon Cauldron, and sooty mangabeys

Family gardens and a ‘pizza pot’ project

We’re so excited about our family garden! I told my husband that all I wanted for my birthday was my own little section of soil ready to be planted. Even if you aren’t looking to make gardening an educational activity with your children, there are excellent tips in the article for making the most out of your space with a container garden. The idea of plucking something from the backyard and incorporating it into a meal thrills me.

Sidewalk chalk

My friend, Jessica, shared this link with us. Adam’s only played with sidewalk chalk a few times because it’s one of those products that I always forget exists. Now I won’t have that as an excuse anymore because I’ll just whip up a batch of my own. Much like the garden, this is another fun summer project that is great for families but certainly doesn’t require kids….or anyone other than your adult self for that matter.

‘Casey Anthony Trial Pits Mother Against Son’

Another comprehensive article from David Lohr on The Huffington Post. I’ll continue to link to his articles throughout the trial. Please explore his other articles on the Post if you haven’t already as he is one of my absolute favorite reporters.


Are you a mom who is becoming obsessed with the Casey Anthony trial? An interesting phenomenon….

What happened to Christian Choate is horrific beyond words– the negligence of DHS is appalling– and everyone that had a chance to save this boy and failed to act should be prosecuted

How can anyone hurt a child, much less their own? Hearing about the torment suffered by kids at the hands of adults is so profoundly disturbing….but we need to keep the spotlight of the public on these instances so we are compelled to act. Forty years ago child abuse was a taboo topic. We’re far from where we need to be as a society and in terms of law enforcement and government involvement– yet the more we acknowledge this disturbing epidemic the more we can do to work towards its eradication.

The Teflon Cauldron

Want to know about modern paganism in the Mid-South area? Check out the newly revamped Teflon Cauldron and offer your input for what you want to see. As I’ve stated many times, I am so proud to be a part of a spiritual community that encourages all religious traditions.

Does this monkey hold the cure for AIDS?

I’ve heard rumblings about this before…..and I really hope that scientists are onto something here. But I can’t get over the photo here. Sooty mangabeys looks fierce. He knows he’s he’s got this.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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