Pregnancy – Week 6

Week 6's imagery

I refuse to utter another apologetic sentiment for being an obnoxious pregnant woman. Expecting mothers are obnoxious, get over it. And I’m damn proud to be one of them! This– unequivocally– will be my last pregnancy so I’m going to relish every moment of it. When I’m vomiting profusely and screaming how much I despise my inadequate husband because he placed Adam’s Chef Boyardee two millimeters to the right of its normal resting spot [as I’m sobbing hysterical because the absurdity of this all is just so frustrating], I’m sure I’ll be eating my words….but until then you’ll just have to bear with me. If you’re not interested in the play-by-play of what’s up in my uterus [and some people just aren’t so I’d never fault anyone for that], just skip over these posts as you’ll find plenty of other subject matter discussed on this blog. 

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Baby: The embryo is starting to look like a tadpole. It’s about 0.08 inches to 0.16 inches — the size of a BB pellet — from the top of the head to buttocks. (This crown-to-rump length is used more often than crown-to-heel length because the baby’s legs are most often bent and hard to measure). The eyes and limb buds also are forming. A heartbeat can sometimes be detected by an ultrasound around now. This is also an extremely important time in the development of your baby, since between 17 and 56 days the embryo is most susceptible to factors that can interfere with its normal growth.

Mom-to-be: You may have gained a few pounds by now, but if you’re experiencing morning sickness you may have lost weight, which is also normal. You’re starting to notice some changes in your body: clothes getting a little tighter around the waist, weight gain in your legs and breasts. With a pelvic exam, your practitioner will be able to notice a change in the size of your uterus.

Tip for the Week: Make sure you’re following good prenatal habits, like eating right and taking your prenatal vitamins. Since the neural tube (which is the beginning of the central nervous system) has formed by now, taking folic acid to prevent spinal cord defects such as spina bifida, has been crucial. If you haven’t already, stop smoking and drinking.

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2 Responses to Pregnancy – Week 6

  1. I hear that smoking leads to low birth weight. Smaller babies are easier to deliver. If I were you, I’d have a pack of Camels in one pocket and a pack of Newports in the other.

  2. I know, right?! I’m not a smoker but when I heard that tidbit while pregnant with Adam I was so tempted to increase my risk of lung cancer and decrease my rate of a painfully large baby! 😉

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