Genghis Grill = prego carnivore

A silly sister moment from my last pregnancy-- ironically enough we were eating Asian here too.

Ashley introduced me to the wonders of Genghis Grill yesterday. So much for maintaining my vegetarian lifestyle during pregnancy. Glimpsing all the marinated steak slices and fiesta lime chicken strips and jumbo shrimp slices unleashed the ravenous carnivore in my uterus. C’est la vie.

I know Mandy must be so disappointed regarding my food choices– as we have already discussed there is absolutely no fluidity when it comes to the eating label[s] in which you define yourself. Can you forgive me, Mandy, or is there just no hope? At least I didn’t consume any dairy so had I not eaten meat my meal would have been vegan! 😉

Call it what you will it was some of the best damn food I’d ever eaten. I loaded my bowl with the aforementioned non-vegetarian products, various spices, and a tomato base mixed with island soy sauce. They threw in some udon noodles and stir-fried it Mongolian style and I was in pure heaven. I devoured my bowl in less than five minutes [these portions are very generous] while Ashley had consumed a third of hers by the end of the meal. In her defense she agreed to split a deluxe brownie so she was saving room for that. Nikki– not our friend and server but our ‘warrior!’– was our waitress so it was nice to see her. Despite whatever stage of pregnancy I’m in, I have never been one to gorge myself or succumb to odd cravings…..but it was so nice to indulge. Bonus points for the fact that an additional $3 you can get an unlimited lunch bowl. My sister practically had to roll me out of there but it was well worth it. I came home and slept like a baby while Adam napped.

Yesterday’s post was a bit snarky due to my mindset as I composed it: completely and totally overwhelmed. Never once did I mean to suggest that my family has shunned me because of this. While they may not applaud all decisions I make or any predicaments that ensue, I know that my family loves and supports me unconditionally. We’ve received congratulatory calls left and right and those truly mean a lot. My dad expressed his confidence that we’d handle this situation and gave us his blessing and mom is starting to ask Adam questions about his sibling. He’s starting to make the connection….

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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