Charismatic, clever, centenarian

Orville Wright flies the Military Wright Flyer at Fort Myer, VA, 1908

Saturday night I lost my footing on an oil slick in our garage and plummeted to the ground. Thankfully I was able to avert any fall-related injuries such cuts, severe bruises, or a broke tail bone….yet I wasn’t so lucky when it came to hurting my gimp knee for 20432223402th time. No bueno.

Still in excruciating pain, the following morning I hobbled to Germantown Minor Med where the only other customers were an an elderly couple, my best guess placed them in their mid-80’s. On the television in the waiting room was a cooking channel and the featured recipe was lasagna. The woman told nurse she’d love to recreate that at home. She perused the most recent issue of National Geographic, occasionally stopping to chat and laugh with her husband. Her health seemed fine– with the exception of some minor mobility issues for which she used a cane– and I did not see them again after they were called back for her ‘checkup.’

Only after I appraoched the front desk to pay my bill did I notice her birth date: 1908.


What a remarkable woman! Not only was she sharp and personable, but her health seemed excellent and her spirits high. I can only hope that if I live to posses so much wisdom accrued from age I will be able to use it as well as she did. Can you only imagine the incredible stories and monumental events from her life?! Here are some of the highlights from the year of her birth:

  • A long-distance radio message is sent from the Eiffel Tower for the first time.
  • Gen Baden-Powell starts Boy Scouts
  • 1st US postage stamps in rolls issued
  • Dutch scientists produce solid helium
  • 4th modern Olympic games opens in London
  • 1st horror movie (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde) premieres in Chicago
  • Carriage-maker, William Durant, founded General Motors Corp

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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