Trial updates

Keeping up with the trial for the purposes of this blog is something I can no longer do…..I’m struggling enough to follow the daily proceedings without the added burden of translating them into posts. Forgive me for my lack of coverage. I’ll share with you some of the best places to get sources regarding the Casey Anthony murder trial:

  1. David Lohr on The Huffington PostNot only did Mr. Lohr know my dear friend, Sean Krause, but he is an excellent crime reporter. Three of his most recent articles on the case are:  Spectators Fight Outside Courthouse; Trial Lawyers Raise Incest Issues, Question FBI Witness About Paternity Tests; and Angry Judge Scolds Both Sides.
  2. Twitter@Trial Notes [the most comprehensive up-to-the minute reviews]

    @issueswjvm [Jane Velez-Mitchell]

    @TeamNancyHLN [Nancy Grace]

    * A #CaseyAnthony tag yields results as well, but as always, consider the source.

  3. The Orlando SentinelHands down, this is some of the best information out there. Not only are there links to countless documents, chronological major events are displayed along the current trial highlights, and there is a live stream.

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