Gummy feast

Posing with all his loot!


Ask and ye shall receive: those incentives spurred Adam to action with his numero dos business. Upon waking from his afternoon nap– his first day of his summer program as a ‘Mini Mozart’ left him completely drained– he excitedly announced he had to poop as he sprinted to the bathroom. “There’s a worm in my potty!” he squealed with delight. We burst into applause and showered him with hugs kisses. After we cleaned up he was escorted to the kitchen where Will presented him with five Krabby Patties, assorted gummy candies, and a Bug Juice. He was ecstatic and we were so proud of our big boy!

Overall today was the perfect summer day. All of us got a kick out of Zeus running around on our bed for a good bit before we washed the sheets. My leopard gecko is the coolest. I swear, I’ve never had a pet that wasn’t filled to the brim with personality.

Adam and I slurped our popsicles and Will turned on the water for us. It didn’t take long for the three of us to get sopping wet as we played a game of tag in the front yard. How much fun I had frolicking around like a little girl! I cannot even recall how many years it’s been since I let loose and ran through a sprinkler on a scorching day. This is something I’ll be doing at least once a week.

Patrick came over after Adam went to bed. As much as I try and distance Will from my friends [there is a reason for this- I definitely need to make a blog about my husband], I have no problem introducing him to those I am closest to. We sat around drinking tea and chatting. Summer is just a different time altogether. =)

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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  1. Oh and yes….that shirt does say ‘Mommy Rules.’ 😉

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