Krabby Patties and Bug Juice

Incentives for pooping in the potty....

My only objective with Adam in terms of potty training is no pressure.  He’s been using the restroom for months both in his frog potty and in our toilets, even in places outside of home, so he could get acclimated to the transition without being overwhelmed.  We made the decision to keep him in diapers even though he is good at telling us when he needs to go– but ‘big boy underwear’ [which we’ll sometimes allow him to wear for a bit] is a privilege for those who won’t be going to the bathroom in their pants.  I’ve always felt it was unsettling to plop a child down on the toilet and leave them their until they go.  Not to criticize anyone who does this but it’s simply not for our family.  Positive reinforcement, and our gradual approach, has worked wonders when it comes to communicating about his needs.

However, all of his business has been of the liquid variety.  Adam does his number two once a day….approximately five minutes after we put him down for his nap.  It’s his attempt to buy some time as he knows as soon as he announces his soiled diaper [one or both of us always has a monitor plugged in while he’s in his nursery] we’ll rush in there to change him.  Seeing as how he must be fully potty-trained before school this fall, the time is now for him to master the art of pooping in the proper place– so we’ve upped the ante and given him and incentive of FIVE Krabby Patties and a bottle of Bug Juice.  Needless to say he’s very intrigued with the loot so here’s to hoping he gets his treat and some snazzy new big boy underwear sooner rather than later.  😉

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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