Spoons, poverty, and the narrow miss of Judgment Day

Taking a break from washing the car

The Spoon Theory

One of the most insightful articles I’ve seen in a very long time, Christine Miserandino– who struggles with Lupus– poignantly explains her sickness to a friend who is not ill.  This is a must-read, even if you don’t know any people suffering from serious ailments [whether they make you look ‘sick’ or not], it is sure to make you appreciate your good health if you are one of the lucky ones in terms of health…..and it will strike a chord if you’re not.

Victoria, have we got a secret for you…

The paragraph beneath the beautiful woman on the runway says it all:  “Andrej Pejic is a willowy blond Eastern European model who has appeared on John Paul Gaultier’s catwalks, starred in Marc Jacobs campaigns, and graced international editions of Vogue.  And this month, Pejic truly arrived– first with a topless magazine scandal and then by sharing FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World list along with the likes of Mila Kunis, Brooklyn Decker, and Megan Fox.  Pejic, by the way, is also a man.”

Poverty stricken and bitter  [and funny]

Being broke sucks any way you spin it.  Climbing out of the hole can be a vicious catch-22.  Banks adore expensive loopholes.  Your job doesn’t pay enough but it costs an arm and a leg to further your education to get better work.  And then your engine blows which drains even more of the cash you don’t have.  I hope good fortunes rain on the snarky John Cheese in the form of an entire orchard of money trees.  At least he can laugh at his misfortunes!

Veggie Tales

During the months where I was a vegetarian [and especially for the few weeks I managed to be vegan], I never felt better– light, fresh, and healthy– and I have made the decision to abandon my carnivorous ways once and for all.  I’ll blog more about my personal food choices at a later date but I encourage you all to read this article from Zenhabits.  While it does require some extra diligence, being a vegetarian can be so easy.  Reasons why it’s good to eliminate meat, tips for becoming a vegetarian, and further resources are provided.

Memphis and the Fords

Those of you from Tennessee are familiar with the Fords, a prominent political family.  John Ford’s [‘Operation Tennessee Waltz’] daughter, Victoria, earned the prestigious Scholastic Art and Writing Award upon her graduation from high school.  “Unlike others

Breezing by us at The Little Gym

here who recorded rough childhoods and tragic experiences without distance, perspective, or insight, this writer emerges from abuse and tragedy with a lucid vision, a clear and original voice,” says judge and writer Melissa Fay Greene on Victoria Ford’s writing.  She’ll be one to watch….for all the right reasons.

Outrage:  Jose Guerena

Yet another revolting story from the state of Arizona– this time involving a former Marine who was shot during a SWAT team raid of four houses allegedly involved in a marijuana trafficking ring, one of those being the home Guerena shared with his wife and four-year-old son.  The Pima County Sheriff’s Office, not surprisingly, has tried to cover this up as much as possible and distort the story to their benefit.

Fish oil’s numerous benefits

Most people are cognizant of the fact that fish oil is good for your heart but it can also help with your mood and reduce alcohol cravings.

Get thee to a museum

Enjoying the finer things in life makes for happier men.

The world’s not ending after all, oopsie

If you are alive and reading this post, chances are May 23 was a normal day for you.  Harold Camping is an elderly Christian radio host who predicted this date would in fact be Judgment Day.  After missing this elusive event in 1994 due to a ‘mathematical error’ he is now covering his tracks by saying that 200 million folks will ascend to Heaven in October because this was an ‘invisible’ judgment day.  Don’t feel too bad for Mr. Camping, though…..his organization’s only worth $104 million dollars.

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