Opening arguments for Caylee

Caylee Marie Anthony

Throughout the day I incredulously observed the opening arguments for the murder trial of Casey Anthony.  I literally don’t even know where to begin sifting through the garbage I saw on television.  Let’s get one thing straight, however:  the defendant doesn’t deserve to be called by name.  Nancy Grace refers to her as ‘tot mom’– I’m not even giving her that courtesy.  She’s a monster, not a mother.  Vile and wicked defendant [VWD] is what we shall call that heinous piece of waste from this point forward.  Justice for Caylee is what this trial is all about….the focus must not deviate towards the lies and theatrics propagated by the defense. 

Can you believe it’s finally here, Sean?  Three years ago we were brought together in those daily chats about this unprecedented case and the loss of a beautiful toddler’s life.  You amassed so much evidence and intelligent opinions– your [albeit reluctant] connection with Cindy was a turning point for this investigation.  I know you would have been a star witness for the prosecution.  My promise to you is that I will see this trial through to the end– and I will never cease on my quest for truth and justice.  We think of you now more than ever.  Rest in peace, my dear friend.

So the sleazy imbeciles that constitute the defense team want us to believe that Caylee accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool on June 16th, 2008?  That George molested VWD as a child?  And the entire family knew Caylee was deceased before they discovered her remains in December?

I call bullshit.

As a former member of law enforcement, George Anthony knows what to do when he sees a person– much less his beloved granddaughter– in distress.  Not only is he familiar with CPR but he understands it is imperative to call 911 during an emergency.  Losing a child is horrific yet sometimes tragic accidents occur.  It makes absolutely no sense to embark on a nationwide manhunt for a ‘missing’ girl if the entire family knows she is deceased.  Such an elaborate hoax is a waste of valuable time and resources, why would they even go through the motions– especially at the expense of incriminating their own daughter?  The now-infamous “it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car” phone call from Cindy did VWD no favors.

Additionally, the duct tape found wrapped around the mouth and nose of little Caylee’s remains were placed pre-mortem.  If she drowned in the pool, how does the tape factor into that equation?  Nothing about this swimming pool death makes any sense to me.  If your child was hit by a car [or drowned in a pool or fell from a tree], you would scream and panic and call for help.  Even if you were outside and witnessed the accident that does not make you a negligent parent because you could not prevent it.  Nobody would blame you and the response would be overwhelmingly sympathetic.  Why dispose of the body from an ‘accidental’ death, mull over this information for a month, and then report the child missing.  Have I mentioned this makes absolutely no sense?

For the longest time I thought the entire Anthony clan was white trash on parade.  Their ever-conflicting stories, hostile attitudes, lack of empathy [at least for some of them], and their general actions made me ill.  Granted there is no textbook example for how to handle the complicated process of grief but the Anthony’s are the textbook example of how NOT to behave in a time of crisis.  Every day introduced a new act in the three-ring circus that depicted this ludicrous family.

Now I cannot help but feel immense sympathy for George.  That poor man, completely and totally thrown under the bus by his callous daughter.  Not only has he been put through the wringer with the obvious discord in his marriage, his daughter potentially facing death row, and a suicide attempt, but he molested his own daughter?!  Give me a break.  VWD has no problems whatsoever leading police on a wild goose chase for a fictitious nanny yet she suddenly concocts a story about sexual abuse as a child when she’s squirming in the hot seat so people will pity her?  I’m not buying it– and neither is anyone else.  From day one VWD’s ‘poor me’ attitude has been on full display and the irony is not lost on me that allegations of  incest are just now surfacing.

Certainly I am not the only one who recalls the videos of VWD’s parents visiting her in jail.  A claim of abuse stands in stark contrast to the words and interactions viewers witnessed on the tapes.  VWD says something to the effect of– and I paraphrase– “I am so lucky to have you.  Caylee is so lucky to have you.”  She wipes away tears and whines profusely, appealing to her father to help her.  As spoiled and self-absorbed as VWD, I truly believe [especially considering the fact that she was initially oblivious that she was being recorded] she would be using any leverage and every bargaining tool she possibly could with her parents,  yet there are zero hints of anything but a happy childhood.  George is by no means immune from any wrong doing and is worthy of extreme scrutiny…..but as of press time my heart aches for him.

Watching VWD shake her head infuriated me.  Of course this was not unexpected, and neither was the smug demeanor of Jose Baez.  I’d smack the smirk right off of his arrogant face if I was anywhere within a ten mile radius of him.  How does arrogant bastard sleep at night?  He and VWD are a match made in heaven– or should I say hell– with all of their private sidebars and smiles.  They make me want to vomit.  I’ll end this tirade right here because I could easily write a book why Baez is the scum of the earth.  Or maybe I should instead focus my ire on the defense attorney who is married to that serial killer rapist…..conflict of interest, anyone?  But I digress.

Overall I think the defense has made a grave error:  insulting the jury’s intelligence.  The scenario they offered reeks of desperation, their grasping for straws.  I know unequivocally if I was a juror I would be extremely offended and feel I was being played for a fool.  Turning a grieving father and grandfather into a molester who lies pathologically is not a wise move.  Let them paint a picture of VWD as a loving and caring mother….photos, written transcripts, internet searches, and security photos will prove otherwise.  It’s time to end the circus surrounding poor Caylee’s death.  The people are ready for motive, reason, facts– and most of all, answers.

Due to my recent health issues I am not working outside of the home.  I spend as much time as possible watching the daily coverage of the trial, yet I cannot view it as often as I would like because I am busy with an active toddler and general life circumstances.  If you are my friend on Facebook, please see the note I have written called ‘Caylee Anthony’ or contact me through this blog if you are interested in being my eyes and ears for this case when I am unable to do so.  I’d love to assemble a team– much like we did when we first heard Caylee was missing– to have daily discussions where we analyze courtroom highlights and offer our own personal opinions.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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3 Responses to Opening arguments for Caylee

  1. Laura says:

    I definitely agree with you that Casey Anthony is guilty, BUT she does deserve a fair trial and representation just like any other defendant. And until the case is decided, she is innocent until proven guilty (although I admit her “innocence” is a tough idea to swallow). I used to think that it was horrible how lawyers could defend such filth, but we enter dangerous territory when we pick and choose whose Constitutional rights are upheld. These rights should apply to the weakest and poorest members of our society, not just the innocent and/or rich. Her attorneys have an obligation to work with what they got, no matter how pathetic it might seem. Their job is not to be the judge and jury, so while it’s easy to dismiss them as the bad guys, you have to understand that they are simply carrying out their defined role in the American justice system. I think you’re right that the jury’s intelligence will ultimately win out and bring the justice this case deserves.

    I don’t have any tolerance for child killers either. I don’t think Casey Anthony is like Andrea Yates. What that woman did was unspeakable as well, but she had a severe mental illness that consumed her abilities to rationalize. If I remember correctly, she thought she was HELPING her children by killing them (terrible logic, but again remember this woman is clinically insane). She needed to be placed in a mental institution and not face the death penalty, and that’s exactly what the jury decided once they considered the facts and circumstances of the case.

    It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out, and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say on the case. You’re a great writer 🙂

  2. melanie dunn says:

    i think if she gets the death penalty an hope she does tht she should be killed tha same way tht she killed tht sweet lil girl maybe then she would be able to show some emotion for her childs death an not have to keep up all this fake cryin an u should call me soon girl i still have tha same number

  3. SHar says:


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