"You may be right, I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you're looking for!"


• March Blog Challenge •
Day 1: A self portrait + 5 random facts


My friend, Preston, captured this image in 2005 during a spring photo shoot at the historic Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Megan Childers [favorite roomie and actual roomie at the time!] served as my partner in crime. We frolicked around downtown, laughing and feeling famous as we played model. I adored my strapless , formfitting dress. It made me feel glamorous and feminine– a radical departure from my tomboy style– and I distinctly remember a sense of maturity that was otherwise foreign to my 19 year old college self. The red dress with black polka dots gave me a figure [prior to my childbearing curves I rocked the physique of a fifth grade boy], much to my delight. Overall I felt stylish, elegant, sassy, playful…and exhausted. This was one of the last pictures Preston snapped. I love the way my multicolored bracelets [to this day I still wear dozens of them] are visible. Getting dolled up without compromising my identity created lasting memories. It was a fun day during a very fun time in my life.


If the phone rings at my favorite newspaper, I answer it, regardless of employment status. Maris took this picture of me at my old desk taking a call during my last trip home [December 2012]. Note the Jersey Shore shirt.


I uploaded a “25 Random Facts About Me” note to Facebook three years ago. Ten items didn’t make the cut whereas I copied the rest. Present day commentary is italicized.

#1) In case you haven’t noticed, I live on my own planet most of the time. My little universe consists of a plethora of books/magazines [I'd rather read than talk], abundant internet usage, and immersing myself in whatever captivates me at the moment….but I always come back to reality and get things done. Well, most of the time.
I cringe now as I read that statement. While every word is true, it is not immediately clear that I am describing ‘me’ time versus family time. My children get 100% of my focus 100% of the time. I just can’t say the same for adults. ;)

#2) Two of my worst vices are celebrity gossip [I check Perez Hilton religiously- heaven forbid I miss out on important news] and really bad television. Especially MTV. 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom 1 & 2, Jersey Shore, True Life– I can’t get enough. For the longest time I tried to keep this ‘problem’ under wraps. Yet one day during a 3000-level philosophy class on campus an Us Weekly fell out of my backpack. Busted. I decided then to embrace it.
It’s been almost a year since I’ve had cable and the funds for magazines so I’ve learned to do without…except People magazine and the free TMZ app.

#3) I was adopted at birth. Overall I’m quite indifferent to this fact. I’m not upset or harboring resentment, I’ve just never really cared. However, I am currently in the process of obtaining medical records for the sake of Adam.
Those efforts were suspended due to an unexpected fee and will continue as soon as I am able.

#4) Through my family I can claim Reese Witherspoon, Mark Twain, and John McCain as my relatives or people that have married into our cozy bunch.
That hasn’t changed.

#5) Sports are not my cup of tea. But I do enjoy playing hockey and water polo and watching motocross.
That hasn’t changed either.


#6) I am a sucker for a Bloody Mary or a Red Stripe beer.

#7) If I could have any ‘superhero power,’ I would choose to be fluent in every language that ever existed and would speak them all frequently.
I wish.

#8) Cotton balls terrify me and I refuse to touch them. As for other phobias, I hate flying, but I have to do it…I’m a nervous wreck on board an aircraft vessel. You do not want to sit next to me.
Oprah had a woman on her now defunct talk show who shared my irrational fear. Oprah also said San Luis Obispo was the happiest place in America. Boy, do I have some bombshells for Ms. Winfrey….

#9) Communication is my weakest link. I hate talking on the phone. I won’t call you unless it’s an emergency. Texting isn’t my forte either. Please don’t ever take it personally if I’m not the best at speaking with you and can never initiate a conversation.
Why can’t we all just email each other?


#10) To say I am a liberal is an understatement. Women’s issues [especially pro-choice ones], safety for children, rights of LGBT individuals, equality, justice, compassion, kindness, peace, liberty….these things are so important to me.
Add to this list a massive overhaul of Child ‘Welfare” Services. Reforms in Family Court. Protect those innocent kids who did nothing to deserve such a fate.

#11) I am painfully shy. Sometimes it takes me years to warm up to people. But once you get me started, I don’t stop! I’m like a sponge. I sit quietly and absorb everything.
Sarcasm is a virtue and silence is golden. Both are also my defense mechanisms.

#12) If you really want to see me panic, give me ‘bad’ attention. An example of bad attention is a surprise party or servers singing to me in a crowded restaurant. ‘Good’ attention includes public speaking and/or recognition for my accomplishments.
It’s a fine line between praise and panic attack.

#13) Currently I have 9 tattoos and plan on getting at least 9 more. Sorry, Mom and Dad. All of my tattoos are in black ink. I don’t do colors. They are beautiful on others but not for me. My tattoos are words and symbols as opposed to illustrations.
Now I have 13.

#14) Writing is my passion. I will be published. There are too many stories I have to tell and topics to explore for me to remain silent.

#15) I am such a daredevil. This has toned down significantly since I became a mother but I’ll do anything to get an adrenaline rush.
I can’t wait to leap from a plane in the Memphis sky, parachute through the Memphis air, and land on the Memphis ground.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,

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