Three decades

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.  The important thing is to not stop questioning.” ~ Albert Einstein

The best birthday present.

The best birthday present.

Exactly one week ago I celebrated my third decade of life.  Thankfully my ‘Dirty Thirty’ was not the dock extravaganza I expected.  Instead, Dad and Adam ventured out to the middle of nowhere Woodstock area and took me to lunch at the Chinese buffet in Millington.  Joey gave me a wonderful small gathering at his family’s house and fed me Taco Bell for dinner.  ;)

Expect more musings from my thirty years of life soon.  Trust me….there is much to discuss.  I just wanted to write a quick post to announce my return to the blogosphere.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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Farewell first grade

Adam celebrated his final day of first grade this morning with games and pizza outside with his class.  He said goodbye to his best friends M and C [a.k.a. The Three Musketeers] and even introduced me to the girl he’s been talking to recently.  I’m glad he trusts me enough to bring me into his circle in such a way.

First grade with Ms. D made for an amazing year.  From the moment I met her it was obvious how much she loves her job.  She understands how to best engage her students and you can tell she truly enjoys instructing them.  If we could be so lucky as to have instructors like Ms. D for the remainder of Adam’s schooling!

Adam and Mommy [top]; getting a hug from his teacher [bottom left]; striking a pose with his lady friend [bottom right].

Adam and Mommy [top]; getting a hug from his teacher [bottom left]; striking a pose with his lady friend [bottom right].

What’s on our agenda for the summer?  Much of it remains up in the air.  We’re still figuring out options for Tatum.  As for my boy child, he’s eagerly anticipating two sessions of Lego camp at the JCC.  Luckily I have contact info for the other two Musketeers– so I hope to reunite that trio as often as possible during the break.  It blows my mind to think I am the parent of a child who is old enough to swim unassisted in the pool with his friends.  Where did the time go?!

Vacations would be nice.  Both family and solo.  Maybe the beach.  Anywhere with water.  I’m also dreaming of Colorado and Texas….

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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Here I am

Did y’all miss me?  I took yet another sabbatical from blogging.  Fear not, I have returned.  Some douchebag asshole degenerate not nice person stole my phone out of my hands and I went without for a few weeks.  Thankfully my fabulous boyfriend helped me out with a new communication device.

When I say 'OG' what I really mean is Olive Garden...

When I say ‘OG’ what I really mean is Olive Garden…

We went to Olive Garden for Mother’s Day.

“I finally understand, for a woman it ain’t easy tryin’ to raise a man…”

My boy child tests me on the daily.  I try to ‘keep it real’ on an age appropriate level and be honest with him.  He needs to know that I am not perfect…I’m just doing the best I can with what I’ve got.  So this is my favorite song about about that real life mother/son relationship.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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*R.i.P.* Tiffany

Tiffany Lee Brandon Lawrence

8/6/1988 – 4/10/2015

Tiffany  <3

Tiffany <3

Sweet darling, I only had the privilege of meeting you once, and talking to you a few times after that.  You made such an impression on me.  I’ll never forget your grace and hospitality– not to mention our children’s mutual love for each other!  Your contagious smile and giddy laughter lingers in my mind.  This was not your time to go.

Please give if you are able.  Tiffany leaves behind a grieving family and two precious daughters without their mother.


Who would have thought these two would be back in business?

Long ago and far away Brittany Underwood [now Wright] was one of my very best friends.  I can easily list a million memories, inside jokes, and common ground between us– and knew unequivocally her loyalty and vice versa.

Shit happens.

We engaged in a nuclear fallout and hadn’t spoken for six years.  Isn’t it funny that I don’t remember specifics?  Things must not have been that horrible if I have no recollection of what led to our separation!  Our mutual agreement at Tiffany’s service was we both made mistakes, we’re both sorry, and we’re both leaving it in the past where it belongs.  I understand it will take time to build trust and reach the relationship we once had…but I also know the hallmark of true friendship is being able to pick up exactly where you left off, regardless of circumstance.  Brittany, I’m eternally grateful you are in my life again, and so sorry it took a death to bring us back to life.

A day I'll forever cherish. Tiffany; her daughter, Mary Lynn; Brittany; Adam; and me  (2009)

A day I’ll forever cherish. Tiffany; her daughter, Mary Lynn; Brittany; Adam; and me (2009)

Anger serves as my dominant emotion when it comes to Tiffany’s loss.  I am livid, enraged, infuriated.  Every day I remind myself that it is not my responsibility to play god.  The wheels of justice grind slowly but I cling onto a shred of hope that the person responsible for abruptly halting her life will spend the rest of his life in prison.  If a court of law fails to hold him accountable then he will answer to his maker.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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Seventh heaven for Adam


As opposed to a single party we opted for a series of smaller birthday events. Immediately after school Adam blew out his candles and received a few of his Legos.  Then it was on to Chuck E. Cheese where we met his best friend, C, and other family and friends.  Thank you Oliver, Uncle Tommy, Praveen, and Tim for making a special appearance.  Other birthday festivities will include an Easter extravaganza with Tatum [along with Theresa and her family] and being treated to the movie, Home, by Melisa!  


cakeadambapaadamtoyac2games2Endless thanks to Miss Muff’n for yet another wonderful cake.  We refuse to go anywhere else for confections for our special occasions.  Germantown’s best bakery never disappoints.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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Spring Break, dinner party, treetop adventure

Sharing a laptop slashes my online time by 90%.  Blogging suffers the most.  Hence the infrequent entries offering more summary than substance.

My children take their mission to keep the neighborhood free from zombies very seriously.

My children take their mission to keep the neighborhood free from zombies very seriously.

It’s spring break for my kiddos.  With all the time off from school due to winter weather– didn’t we just have snow two weeks ago?!– attending class seems to be the exception rather than the norm here lately.  Adam took it upon himself to teach Tatum how to arm herself and prepare for a zombie invasion.  Rest assured the undead won’t infiltrate Germantown anytime soon.

In other spring break news, divine inspiration struck yesterday, thus allowing me to solve my water dilemma.  Just the smell of the garlic on an empty stomach made me queasy and I never tried the second batch– so for round three I left the vampire repellent out entirely while keeping the other ingredients.  The ginger offsets the honey flavor.  Voila.

Sloane’s Morning Water:  Place 2 tbsp honey in the bottom of a large mug.  Add 2 squirts of fresh ginger paste [do you really think I’m going to chop up ginger each day?!].  Squeeze the juice of half a lemon on top of honey and ginger.  Fill with water.  Stir vigorously.  Microwave for one and a half minutes. 

A young Seymour in fine form

A young Seymour in fine form

Monday morning we laid Seymour to rest.  After saying our goodbyes he was sent off with a proper burial.  I cried profusely.  Lowering a loved one into the ground…that’s the moment where everything finalizes.  The depth of grief I feel as a result of Seymour’s passing makes me question whether or not I’ll ever own another dog.  I know I will but right now it just seems inconceivable.  Of course it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all….but that loss becomes increasingly difficult to bear.

Mom and Dad probably won’t own another pet.  Seymour is one of just two dogs they’ve had in their four decades of marriage.  Throughout the years I’ve added a menagerie of fish, rodents, reptiles, rabbits, and a Bubbles Kitty to our home– yet Cinnamon [before my time] and Seymour were theirs.  When I left the house my parents had Seymour to keep them company.  I worry that they won’t have the companionship and joy associated with being pet parents.  Then again, who needs animals when you live with your adult child and two grandkids?

A sharp contrast to Monday’s heaviness, Tuesday brought incredible light.  I joined my friend Wes and his wife, Wanda, for dinner in their home.  Wes cooked a delicious meal I won’t soon forget.  How kind and thoughtful of him to make all vegetarian dishes for me.  Relaxing, stuffing my face, and enjoying wonderful conversation made for the best evening I’ve had in a long time.  And the only thing I drank was water!  We hope to make this a regular occurrence– I can’t wait to do it again– and I truly cherished the opportunity to get to turn acquaintances into friends.  fireCome Wednesday I sat inside an office awaiting my turn for a job interview.  Truth be told, I didn’t expect much.  Even if they were interested in me I found their industry less than appealing– or so I thought.  After spending an hour with the owner learning more about the company I knew I had struck gold.  What once was considered a lukewarm prospect became my number one choice.  At long last I found the field that would transition me from ‘job’ to ‘career’ and allow me to thrive.  Never had I wanted something so badly.  Once my preconceived notions shattered I recognized the golden opportunity before me and felt foolish for my previously dismissive attitude.  Getting scheduled for a second interview, two days later, thrilled me.

I’m elated to announce I accepted the position today!  Suppressing the urge to scream the news from the mountaintop, I’m opting instead for discretion.  The best things are worth keeping close to your chest.  Eventually I’ll reveal more details when the time is right.  Stay tuned for the launch of my career on 1 April.

Because this next chapter comes with traditional hours my tutoring schedule remains unaffected.  Currently my roster includes individual sessions with two elementary school students, working with a college writer, and teaching an SAT prep class for a small group.  How grateful and humbled I am for the chance to make a difference doing something I love that supplements my income.

photo courtesy of

Photo from

Something epic’s going down at Shelby Farms tomorrow.  Three words:  Treetop.  Adventure.  Course.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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April JiLTED deadline

….is 28 March.

Only one week left for April submissions.  Contact me for more information.  Be sure to read the magazine if you haven’t already.

JiLTED's Editor as seen in her senior kindergarten yearbook photo [1992]

JiLTED’s Editor as seen in her senior kindergarten yearbook photo [1992]

Calling all writers, photographers, musicians, dancers, artists, and any other form of creative expression.  Calling the interesting, feisty, and opinionated types.  Calling anyone who wants their voice to be heard….JiLTED wants you to contribute!

No experience necessary.  No topic off limits.

Share the world as you see it with us.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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