Seventh heaven for Adam


As opposed to a single party we opted for a series of smaller birthday events. Immediately after school Adam blew out his candles and received a few of his Legos.  Then it was on to Chuck E. Cheese where we met his best friend, C, and other family and friends.  Thank you Oliver, Uncle Tommy, Praveen, and Tim for making a special appearance.  Other birthday festivities will include an Easter extravaganza with Tatum [along with Theresa and her family] and being treated to the movie, Home, by Melisa!  


cakeadambapaadamtoyac2games2Endless thanks to Miss Muff’n for yet another wonderful cake.  We refuse to go anywhere else for confections for our special occasions.  Germantown’s best bakery never disappoints.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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Spring Break, dinner party, treetop adventure

Sharing a laptop slashes my online time by 90%.  Blogging suffers the most.  Hence the infrequent entries offering more summary than substance.

My children take their mission to keep the neighborhood free from zombies very seriously.

My children take their mission to keep the neighborhood free from zombies very seriously.

It’s spring break for my kiddos.  With all the time off from school due to winter weather– didn’t we just have snow two weeks ago?!– attending class seems to be the exception rather than the norm here lately.  Adam took it upon himself to teach Tatum how to arm herself and prepare for a zombie invasion.  Rest assured the undead won’t infiltrate Germantown anytime soon.

In other spring break news, divine inspiration struck yesterday, thus allowing me to solve my water dilemma.  Just the smell of the garlic on an empty stomach made me queasy and I never tried the second batch– so for round three I left the vampire repellent out entirely while keeping the other ingredients.  The ginger offsets the honey flavor.  Voila.

Sloane’s Morning Water:  Place 2 tbsp honey in the bottom of a large mug.  Add 2 squirts of fresh ginger paste [do you really think I’m going to chop up ginger each day?!].  Squeeze the juice of half a lemon on top of honey and ginger.  Fill with water.  Stir vigorously.  Microwave for one and a half minutes. 

A young Seymour in fine form

A young Seymour in fine form

Monday morning we laid Seymour to rest.  After saying our goodbyes he was sent off with a proper burial.  I cried profusely.  Lowering a loved one into the ground…that’s the moment where everything finalizes.  The depth of grief I feel as a result of Seymour’s passing makes me question whether or not I’ll ever own another dog.  I know I will but right now it just seems inconceivable.  Of course it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all….but that loss becomes increasingly difficult to bear.

Mom and Dad probably won’t own another pet.  Seymour is one of just two dogs they’ve had in their four decades of marriage.  Throughout the years I’ve added a menagerie of fish, rodents, reptiles, rabbits, and a Bubbles Kitty to our home– yet Cinnamon [before my time] and Seymour were theirs.  When I left the house my parents had Seymour to keep them company.  I worry that they won’t have the companionship and joy associated with being pet parents.  Then again, who needs animals when you live with your adult child and two grandkids?

A sharp contrast to Monday’s heaviness, Tuesday brought incredible light.  I joined my friend Wes and his wife, Wanda, for dinner in their home.  Wes cooked a delicious meal I won’t soon forget.  How kind and thoughtful of him to make all vegetarian dishes for me.  Relaxing, stuffing my face, and enjoying wonderful conversation made for the best evening I’ve had in a long time.  And the only thing I drank was water!  We hope to make this a regular occurrence– I can’t wait to do it again– and I truly cherished the opportunity to get to turn acquaintances into friends.  fireCome Wednesday I sat inside an office awaiting my turn for a job interview.  Truth be told, I didn’t expect much.  Even if they were interested in me I found their industry less than appealing– or so I thought.  After spending an hour with the owner learning more about the company I knew I had struck gold.  What once was considered a lukewarm prospect became my number one choice.  At long last I found the field that would transition me from ‘job’ to ‘career’ and allow me to thrive.  Never had I wanted something so badly.  Once my preconceived notions shattered I recognized the golden opportunity before me and felt foolish for my previously dismissive attitude.  Getting scheduled for a second interview, two days later, thrilled me.

I’m elated to announce I accepted the position today!  Suppressing the urge to scream the news from the mountaintop, I’m opting instead for discretion.  The best things are worth keeping close to your chest.  Eventually I’ll reveal more details when the time is right.  Stay tuned for the launch of my career on 1 April.

Because this next chapter comes with traditional hours my tutoring schedule remains unaffected.  Currently my roster includes individual sessions with two elementary school students, working with a college writer, and teaching an SAT prep class for a small group.  How grateful and humbled I am for the chance to make a difference doing something I love that supplements my income.

photo courtesy of

Photo from

Something epic’s going down at Shelby Farms tomorrow.  Three words:  Treetop.  Adventure.  Course.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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April JiLTED deadline

….is 28 March.

Only one week left for April submissions.  Contact me for more information.  Be sure to read the magazine if you haven’t already.

JiLTED's Editor as seen in her senior kindergarten yearbook photo [1992]

JiLTED’s Editor as seen in her senior kindergarten yearbook photo [1992]

Calling all writers, photographers, musicians, dancers, artists, and any other form of creative expression.  Calling the interesting, feisty, and opinionated types.  Calling anyone who wants their voice to be heard….JiLTED wants you to contribute!

No experience necessary.  No topic off limits.

Share the world as you see it with us.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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Poor, poverty, homeless, panhandling

Infusing complimentary commitments with instant noodles takes the whole Ramen experience up a notch.  Broke college students [and unattached heterosexual bachelors] everywhere can attest to this fact.  I can laugh at this image because I’ve been there.

poverty….but there’s nothing funny about poverty.  I hear people constantly complain about being ‘broke.’  Perhaps they don’t have money to blow but few of these individuals would be considered poor, much less living in poverty.  Click here for the poverty guidelines in the United States.  I know I’m guilty of using these terms too loosely.

Different levels of poverty exist throughout society.  A significant portion includes what is commonly referred to as the working poor.  What a stressful, frustrating, and oftentimes overwhelming reality for countless Americans.  Being amongst this class presents a unique set of challenges and sacrifices, some of them included in 12 Things That Only The Working Poor Will Understand.  Whether or not you have ever identified as such I suggest you read this enlightening article.

The most severe form of poverty occurs amongst the homeless.  Such is the case with poverty itself, varying levels of homelessness exist.  Anyone sleeping in a hotel, shelter, or car technically does not have a home.  Consider those the ‘lucky’ homeless.  Those without a vehicle or a roof over their head end up on the streets.  More often than not those in such a dire predicament resort to panhandling.

Seeing a dirty, disheveled person on the side of the road holding a sign produces a variety of reactions– most of them negative.  Many assume that the ‘bum’ should ‘put down the bottle’ or ‘get a job’ because it’s ‘their fault’ they ended up this way.  Some of those things are indeed true to a certain extent.  However, that person holding a sign is still a human being who is worthy of respect.  3 Ways to Responsibly and Compassionately Respond to Panhandling offers excellent tips for an oftentimes uncomfortable situation.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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Bountiful beverages

Discovering an article about the benefits of drinking warm water with honey and lemon in the morning piqued my interest.  Shortly thereafter I saw an interview with Christie Brinkley in People where she revealed she started her days with this mix.  Sold.  If this gorgeous supermodel– who looks better than women a third of her age– counts it amongst her regimen then I’m hopping on board.

Healthy face, healthy foods

Healthy face, healthy foods

Every morning [at least for the past week] I stagger downstairs to mix up a mug.  Zap it in the microwave for a minute and it’s ready to go.  Two minutes total from prep time to sippage.  I saw a difference after my first glass!  Despite waking up ready to eat my first meal comes several hours after my water.  Drinking leaves me hydrated and satisfied with no trace of hunger.

The only problem…I despise honey.  Regardless of how much lemon I pump into my cup I can still taste the nauseating sweetness.  Finishing the last few sips makes me gag.  Why must this sticky nastiness ruin an otherwise pleasant drink?

Germany puts a different– and much more pungent– twist on things.  Instead of honey they add ginger and garlic to lemon water.  I made my first batch tonight.  Let’s just say it was a rather fragrant concoction.  We’ll see how it tastes tomorrow.  Ginger and garlic don’t bother me so I’m optimistic.

Now if I could just create a delicious morning super beverage with water, lemon juice, honey, greens from Megan, garlic, ginger, and coconut oil….

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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Holly gets hitched

Holly Ann Reed  [Holly Lavaughn Elder] + Richard Ross-Roth

Married  ♥  12 March 2015  ♥  Coolidge, AZ

You may now kiss the bride!

You may now kiss the bride.

My sister-in-law tied the knot Thursday in her hometown.  Holly deserves the absolute best in a husband.  Richard gained an incredible woman as his wife.  These two clearly love each other.  I see him as her rock– as that comforts me.  Few people deserve a happily ever after more than my little sister.

Although physically absent from the ceremony I was there in spirit.  Living across the country from loved ones sucks.  Plane tickets [the only feasible option for travel without the kids] cost money I simply don’t have.  Missing special occasions makes me sad.

A collage of Mr. & Mrs. Ross-Roth  ;)

Mr. & Mrs. Ross-Roth

Once upon a time Holly and I were extremely close.  Not only did we speak daily and share confidences but we just understood each other.  Yet we’ve drifted.  I can’t stand it.  I really miss her and want our friendship restored to its former glory.  And I know Will wishes he could change things…

Forgive me for deviating from the joyful, celebratory post I intended to write.

Holly and Richard, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.  Congratulations on your marriage.  I’m thrilled for you both.  May I suggest a Tennessee honeymoon sometime in the near future?  ;)

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,



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All Dogs Go to Heaven

Seymour Wilke

1998 – 2015

Our beloved canine companion went to the great doghouse in the sky today.

Our final picture this morning

The final picture this morning

Seymour’s gone.  The quirky, lovable dog that’s been a part of our family for 16 years went to sleep peacefully at the vet’s this afternoon.  I can’t imagine life without him…he’s just as much a part of ‘home’ to me as my parents.  Even on this first night in our house without Seymour there’s an overwhelming sense that someone is missing.

We all knew the end was near but you can never fully prepare yourself to say goodbye.  As much as my heart aches I must remind myself that Seymour is no longer suffering.  His old age, arthritis, and debilitating end of life ailments– gone.  These past few weeks were exceedingly difficult.  And that’s not how I want to remember our dog.  I take comfort in the fact that Seymour lived one hell of a life.  Ever since he came to us as a puppy in the fall of 1998 he was surrounded by love and humans who treated him like the canine royalty he is.

Christmas Day 1998

Christmas Day 1998

I choose to remember Seymour as an avid squirrel chaser.  I choose to remember the sound his toenails made as he jogged across the floor to greet me.  I choose to remember Seymour running along the beach in Florida during our family vacations.  I choose to remember his bewilderment when I first brought home Bubbles Kitty– and the delight I felt when they stopped chasing each other around the house and became friends.  I choose to remember Seymour flying through the backyard so fast my head would spin.  I choose to remember his good humor as my children took turns riding him like a pony.

With infinite love, gratitude, and respect,


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